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Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I don't know how to spell the trumpet peals that would announce Not Me! Monday AGAIN!! So, we'll have to settle for that sentence! Yes, I am up late again on a Sunday night trying to rack my brain for all the harried, stressed, embarrassing, and not so flattering moments from the week! Join MckMama for some free therapy by being brutally honest and living to tell about it! Visit her blog for full details and to read a couple hundred other people's mortifying moments last week!

You would NOT have witnessed me doing a victory dance last week when I was #2 on Mr. Linky at MckMama's blog! Why would that excite me? I have a life outside of blog world after all! I was not totally excited about the 140 visitors on my blog before noon either. My husband didn't brainstorm how we can share Jesus's love with each visitor next week with me either! Or how we can even possibly help their marriages (we teach marriage conferences several times yearly), since our marriage is perfect after all! Email us at for more info! We were not blown away that we had over 400 visitors to our blog at the end of the day!

Just because we had over 400 visitors in one day, we did not feel special...why would the number of people reading about our lives make us feel special??? Like I said, I have a real life!

I am NOT completely excited that 36 people have RSVP'd to come to our dinner when we are home for the marriage conference! Still waiting on 77 of you to RSVP!

I did not pull out every piece of clothing from Riley and Holden's closet that was not folded or hung up correctly, then proceed to lecture them about making their beds look neat, THEN have to apologize about the bed lecture after I spent several minutes trying to make their beds myself(I do NOT hate bunk beds by the way, they are so easy to care for) and failing to make them look neat and able to spring a quarter into the air if anyone was to try to bounce one there. Okay, seriously, I don't do the quarter thingy, but I do like them to look neat!

I did not think my daughter's Sunday School class's performance at church was completely adorable! They did not sing a hilarious, short song about Jesus and the devil. Check it out here if you haven't seen it yet!
I did not base my wardrobe off of what my daughter was wearing , in spite of what my earlier post says. I do not try to match my clothes to hers, or my boys' or husband's. I also would never buy my boys matching shirts, because that is just dorky! I am very chic and cool! BUT, if I did, here is what they would wear to a Caribbean Night party:

I was not totally excited about the Island Salad that I made for the Caribbean Night party because I LOVE it and haven't had it in months! I was not appalled to discover the ingredients cost over $10 (it's SALAD people, not steak) though I did double the recipe. I was not more appalled to discover that the boy (who shall remain nameless) carried the leftovers into the house and left them out on the counter all night...

I did not refuse to help knock down spider webs around the pool when I helped my friend Kate clean again. I am not superstitious! Not me! If you missed this story, check it out here.

I also did not discover that when I agree to help her out and not actually work for pay, I have a much better attitude, and I don't have to think to myself for one minute "I am not getting paid enough to do this!" Thanks Kate for letting me be a blessing to you! I do not agree that its better to give than receive!

I did not get so frustrated with Alayna when I decided she could ride her bike the 1.5 miles around our neighborhood while I took my run. She did not have trouble steering her bike. She did not run me off the sidewalk several times. She did not get knocked off her bike when she ran me off the sidewalk, placing her training wheel under my foot, causing me to fall into her and knock her off. I did not decide that the trip around the block was good enough because I certainly got my heart rate up trying to control my tongue and temper!

I did not agree to go on an interval run with my friend Kristin, knowing full well she wanted to go 5 miles and that I have NEVER run that far in my life, and haven't run more than 2 miles at a time in the past several months! We did not meet on a Saturday morning while my kids were still sleeping and run in the pouring rain. I did not immensely enjoy getting to know her better on our "run". I did not have to put "run" in quotation marks because we ran the entire 5 miles!! I was so pleasantly surprised at my amazing endurance, and stamina! I did not quit just after the half way mark. NO, NOT ME!! Thanks for putting up with me, Kristin!

Finally, we do not have a slight case of baseball fever around here! I did not allow my boys to stay up past 9pm on a school night because the Tampa Bay Rays were playing in the World Series. I did not justify this by remembering Riley's coach encouraged him to watch it so he could take note of their batting techniques. I do not think my son could take some cues from the guys up against the 90 mph pitches! I do not think its odd that we have NEVER as a family watched a baseball game until now. I was not sad that I found it impossible to stay awake until midnight when the game was over. I was not glad that I was able to find out the results of the game in 2.2 seconds since that is all everyone around here is talking about. Apparently, we are not the only ones around here who are not having a case of baseball fever!

So, there you have it, another week of soul baring confessions. I feel so free! I hope you'll join me! Besides, how will I know what to tease you about??


Emily said...

Love the matching clothes thing...I would never do that either! :)

Mikarts Family said...

Thanks for mentioning me! I must tell the whole world that you made it at least 3 miles - maybe more!! And in the same spirit as not me Monday... I was not happy to walk the last mile and a half because I was not dying either. So everyone - cheer for Travis!


sara said...

Oh, you are so sassy!! All the IFS. What a great turnout for your weekend at Grace; wish we were coming!!

Cindy and company said...

Love the post Travis. I am NOT excited that I am the third comment on your blog this morning! And I am NOT considering starting this NOT ME business so that I too can have 400 visitors to my blog. I am content with both of my readers!

Allmykids123 said...

Phew! Girl you had a busy week. #2 on MckMama's? I'm insanely jealous. I can never make the top 50.

Allmykids123 said...

Phew! Girl you had a busy week. #2 on MckMama's? I'm insanely jealous. I can never make the top 50.

heidi said...

My kids never, ever match. Ever.

How cool that you do marriage seminars!

Robin said...

I did not just get excited to read that you brainstormed about how to share Jesus' love with your readers and that you teach marriage conferences!! Okay, I did.

Loved your "not me's"!


El said...

We have never watched a baseball game as a family either. But that's probably because I'm not into sports. =) Great not me's!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Thanks for the comment! I suppose we could both write a book about some of the stories we've heard from patients...

Keep running - my husband just completed his 10th marathon and he's wwaaaayyy older than you! Your heart will love you; your knees may not. That's why God created cortisone!

Lisa said...

I don't think I could do the "Not Me" format. LOL. The picture is very cute of the Carriabean night out. I assume you don't wear that all the time, uh? :-) Great blog as usual!! Do we get that salad recipie??

Stephanie said...

I wouldn't know a thing about matching mother/daughter clothes, I would never want to dress the same as my 4 year old!