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Friday, October 17, 2008

5 Things I Hate to Admit

Okay, I was holding my breath as this one came around. Melanie started it and I knew it was just a matter of time before I would have to spill my guts!! Beryl "tagged" me, and I have read many of my other friend's posts as well, so at least I am in good company!! Here goes:

1) Like Molly, I am a clean freak. This is not so hard to admit, but the juicy stuff is coming...I promise. I think I make everyone around me crazy with this character flaw. My husband not included because he is just as steeped in it as I. I have helped out in GCC's nursery for years (since I have had a child in there for over 11 years!), and I am always picking up toys, almost constantly because I HATE having so many out that the kids trip over them or step on them and break them. I also do this at other people's homes where there are several kids playing. I may even reorganize all their toys for them (and I really ENJOY it). I make my children crazy keeping our house clean and trying not to freak out every time I find a sock between the bed and the wall. They will need many years of therapy to get over this, I am sure. I have harnessed this into my "project" which I now have a copyright for and hope to sell soon, and will sell you a copy if you want one! Email me for more details!
2) I agree with Natasha! I HATE to wait. Even 2 seconds is too long. I feel frustration well up inside me if I ask my kids to do something and they don't instantly reply "Yes Mom!!" with such enthusiasm and instant action so I know they are going to do whatever I have asked them to do. I see more therapy in their 'bout you? I drive too fast because I don't want to wait to be wherever I am going. Don't get me wrong, I don't purposely break the speed limit (right honey?), but if I am not concentrating on keeping it under the speed limit, I will be passing everyone and arriving first somewhere...isn't it a race?? Don't I get a prize for the fastest time??? Cut me some slack, my dad was a race car driver--seriously!!
3) I hope none of you have EVER noticed this, and I hate to admit it, but one side of my...oh, how do I phrase this... rear is bigger than the other. It has been like that for years. Before swim skirts, it was always hanging out of my swimsuit while the other side was neatly tucked away. There is actually an extra roll of FAT on it!!! My sister can attest to this!! 4) I often forget what a HOTTIE and great catch my husband is. I take him for granted. Let me extoll his greatness for a few seconds. He is the BEST dad! He always has been a hands on dad, taking care of our babies while I worked nights, doing the baths, bottles, diapers, etc by himself many a night. He is a neat freak...enough said. He thinks I am just as beautiful and sexy as when we first met (can you say "rose colored glasses"), and reminds me of that often. He's HOT and just getting better with age! See:
5) I could spend ALL day on the computer checking blogs, reading blogs of people I don't even know, shopping, and e-mailing. I feel extra loved when someone leaves a comment on my blog. Those "regular" commenters must surely love me the most!! You know who you are! I have to force myself to shut it down and get work done and I feel lost when I go all day without checking in (like for the last 2 days). Whenever there is a free moment, you know where you'll find me!

Wow, that was hard to come up with things I hate to admit, but was willing to, or haven't already admitted to not doing them on Mondays! So, to keep this thing going, and see everyone else's little secrets, I will tag JoDee, Marcie, Stephanie, Jeanie, Shelley, Becky, and Kate. I didn't see any rules on how many to tag, so I will take advantage of that!


Marner Family said...

Yeah. This is so much to fun, what can we tag next :)

I have a little package headed your way. Was out at the Country Store yesterday, and just had to pick you up some Microfiber towels. Hope you need them, otherwise you can give them as gifts ... completely up to you. -b

Melanie said...

Ok, I'm laughing hysterically at #3. Seriously? Now you know we are all going to be checking out your rear the next time we see you. Too funny!

sara said...

I forgot one - for retail therapy, I will go to my favorite online shops & boutiques & fill up my cart with "wannas" and then click X. Yup, big old loser - but I really feel like I shopped & no money out of pocket!!

#3 made me chuckle too!! I have heard of one boob being bigger than the other, but never the rear :)

sweetander said...

I never you and I were so much alike:) I once organized the entire nursery at the Methodist church in North Liberty while I was watching kids there. They of course didn't ask me to, but I thought it definitely needed it! And...I also have an "extra bun" as my dad calls it! I got it from my mom and I've noticed that Abby might have it, too. Just a little "extra bun" that hangs out on one side!!!!! You're hilarious!!!!!

cookiehawk77 said...

You can come to my house & organize Will's toys!

Lisa said...

I am so laughing at the rear comment! LOL. How in college I didn't notice that....surely if Kelly and I had noticed, we would have made a poster at a game! KIDDING!!!! I'm a neat freak too...just don't look in my closets!! Thanks for the good laughs today :-)