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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not me! Monday

Okay, here we go again! I hope you are enjoying this free therapy as much as I am. MckMama got this thing started and this is the 4th week of brutal honesty and confessions. Check out her blog for the rules and consider joining in! Keep her in your prayers as well, her 4th baby will arrive via c-section at the end of the month and his health is a question mark, although God has already worked a big-time miracle for Baby Stellan!

I am NOT posting early in spite of being put off by the 60+ people who did so last week, and I did not say that I was above such behavior...only to join them this week (if you can't beat them, join them, huh). I just returned from linking and am NOT totally disappointed to find myself in the 40's!!

I did not feed my family rice and beans for 4 meals this week.

I am not forcing them to eat it all month Monday-Thursday so they can learn to appreciate the fabulous choices we have here in the US, and all the delicious, healthy, widely varied meals their mom fixes them on a regular basis. Or so they could have a glimpse into the lives of the kids in Haiti.

I am also not really happy about the $$ I am saving by serving up this menu item. Nope, not me!

I did not refuse to allow my husband to have a bowl of cereal instead of rice and beans on Thursday night. I am not that much of a control freak, and I would never tell him what to do....after all he is a grown man!

I did not pull the starving kids in Haiti card when a child started to complain about the dinner menu this week. Not me!

I did not feel totally loved and cared for after my husband washed, dried, vacuumed, changed the oil and air filter in our van. I know he loves me even when he is not acting like my personal slave!

I did not get in a bike wreck this week and specifically say "I am not blogging that" because I have already blogged about 2 recent falls with injuries. What would everyone think if they knew I had injured myself AGAIN??As you can see in the top picture, Alayna's bike attaches to mine. She was getting brave and trying what she called "ballet moves" on her bike like the lower picture (we were moving when I took this picture by placing the camera behind my that's talent, is it not??). She was doing this and it would shift her weight occasionally and veer us around, and once when she did it Holden's bike was right next to us causing our tires to tangle and Alayna and I to go down. I kept her on the grass so she wasn't hurt and I got a bruised knee and skinned hand to show for it! I felt the need to explain that it WAS NOT my fault!

I did not take my kids to a Community Expo and let them run around and grab candy from the vendors (and eat it as well), and pretend I didn't know them. They did not totally think it was like Halloween with their bags and everything. I did not walk around behind them and sign up for information at a few booths to assuage my conscious. I also did not laugh as Holden grabbed some candy from the Obama campaign booth, but turned down the button someone offered!

I was not totally excited about my new (free) yard stick and 2 (also free) flyswatters! That would be a pathetic thing to be excited about, wouldn't it??

While taking a spin in Agape's flight simulator at the Community Expo, I did NOT knock off the laptop that was running the simulator as I was performing a barrel roll in the plane. I also did not "overstress the engine" (i.e. crash) while playing on the simulator. Nope, not me!

I have NOT enjoyed reading all of your posts for those of you who have joined me (Melanie, Kristen, Ben and Dollie), and I do not hope more of you will join the fun! What have you NOT been doing????


Lisa said...

I'm playing catch up on your blog this morning! So...beans and rice and another injury. You have been BUSY! lol. Perhaps its the Florida sun that is effecting you :-) Glad you weren't too hurt. I pulled my back and shoulder some at work...a lady was more interested in looking at the jayhawks on my crocks than remembering to stand up and get back in bed and forgot to keep standing....not to mention total patient care now days with the older population is taking a toll on my back after 15 years. So, if you are looking at my SHOES, guess where she was heading???

Allmykids123 said...

Your blog is adorable! Found you on MckMama and wanted to drop in and say Hello!

heidi said...

My family is tired of rice & beans, too - big whiners. I change up the beans! Lentils and rice, black beans and rice, red beans and rice, pintos and rice. Sheesh! ;-)

Spear Family said...

Hope your not too sore from your recent injury. I do believe you could qualify for the title Clumsy! I need to try your MckMama Monday thing, maybe next week. Anissa

Elaine said...

Nothing wrong with beans and rice. Your blog is so cute and your kids are adorable..

Have a blessed day.

Weeksie50 said...

Aw, I am sorry you had a bike wreck. Yikes..

Stephanie said...

Yes, I like the beans and rice idea, especially when last night I place spaghetti in front of Mollie and I heard her murmur "yuk". I said what did you say? To which she quickly replied, "yum". She better say that! If it happens again it might even be just bread and water! Great idea.