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Friday, October 24, 2008

7 More Things!

Lisa tagged me again, and I will be a good sport and try to come up with 7 more things

1) I am loyal to only one fragrance of lotion from Bath and Body Works: White Ginger and Amber. They don't make it anymore, in fact, they stopped selling it a couple years ago, but my husband went and stocked up and even had some of my friends pick some up for me, so I am currently on my LAST bottles of lotion and shower gel. I almost cried a few days ago when I realized that this is probably the only fragrance my children recognize as mine since I have used it Alayna's ENTIRE life and the majority of the other kids (and I never wear perfume)! I have NO idea what I will do in a couple weeks when it is all gone...maybe I'll become a hermit...not so much! Which leads me to #2:

2) I am extremely social. I rarely pass up an opportunity to do something with someone, anyone!! I prefer to run with another person too and I wait for Gabe to come home from school to run with me (I run by myself if he has cross country practice or a meet). I think it has to do with being a twin. I never did anything by myself. If there were chores to do, we divided and conquered! I still save small projects around my house to do with my sister. When she came for a visit (July) we tackled my shelving (or to be more honest, I set out the stuff I had and she made it look fabulous), hanging pictures on the walls and arranging furniture! She has such a knack for that kind of stuff anyway! I keep thinking I need to fix Alayna's bedskirt, but I know I will just wait for her to come again! See how talented she is??

3) I feel extremely self conscious if I leave the house without makeup. I hate that that makes me seem vain...I hate that it feels vain too! In spite of this, I take my kids to school 3 days a week after rolling out of bed, dressing and brushing my teeth and sometimes my hair. I know if I get all cleaned up that early, there is no chance for exercising that day...who wants to repeat the hair/makeup routine??? I have so many other ways to spend my time! It seems pointless.

4) I love Thai food! But, when I actually went to Thailand (2000), I hated almost everything I ate. I was pregnant with Holden, and attribute it to that! I have a Thai cookbook (seen above with my other cookbooks on the shelf) and have tried many recipes and discovered why I probably love it so much...coconut milk! It is LOADED with fat! I try to pretend I don't know this!

5) Wow, this is getting hard! Alayna is not here today to give me inspiration! Okay, three more: I love to listen to music and have some playing nearly constantly, sometimes the radio and the music on my blog is going at the same time. Listening in the van is my favorite because I can turn it up so loud that I can sing at the top of my lungs and not hear myself. I am certain the people driving next to me think I am nuts! One of my favorite groups is Skillet (also Riley's very favorite) and even Alayna can sing several of the many people let their 4 year old learn rock lyrics??? At least they are a Christian group! One of her favs is Something Deep Inside and she can belt it out!!

6) I hate clutter, but I'm finding it a necessary evil with the kids' school assignments, library books, and our recent sticker reward charts...its getting out of the refrigerator is another story all together. I love the clutter there because its the cards and letters we get in the mail!

7) I am so excited about coming "home" in less than 2 weeks! I pray we can see as many of our friends and family possible! We are so hungry for familiar places and faces! I keep checking the list of RSVPs for our dinner on Saturday night, so get your reply in!!

Okay, I'll not tag anyone this time, this was a really fun way to get to know friends even better!


cindy said...

Travis, I was just on ebay and did a search for your white amber. I found one lotion. You have four days to zap it up!

Anonymous said...

Crying after reading your blog, again...sigh! Missing you, counting down days, minutes, seconds. The new blog header looks so incredibly cool I was speechless when I first saw it. Wow. I LOVE that picture, but what Steph did with it is amazing.

Lisa said...

I see Cindy took my ebay idea at helping you solve your lotion quandry! lol This was such a fun getting to know you idea. I admit...I hate clutter too. I am constantly picking up after Matthew and then he's looking for what I just put away. I, too, will rarely go without makeup. Today however was one of those days. I hadn't planned on going anywhere so I didn't...just stayed home and cleaned. Wouldn't you know it...a couple of girls from work stopped by to check in on me. Yep...they've NEVER seen me without makeup! least the house was picked up!!!! I've learned my lesson.