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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Dream is beginning to be realized!

Some of you know that I have a secret project that I am working on getting published and marketed. Well, I am not about to reveal my project to the world, BUT, I did take an important step to realizing my dream. I completed my project last month and started utilizing it for myself and have had a few requests for copies from people who I have sworn to secrecy and let see it . I have even been asked to come speak to a group of church ladies about my project (in spite of the fact that they really have no details about it) at a church that I do not attend. Anyway, my step that I took tonight was to apply for a copyright! Here is the confirmation I received via email...don't you love the computer age??!

Thank you for submitting your registration claim using the Electronic Copyright Office (ECO) System. We received your application and fee for the work Spring Clean, Year Round on 10/08/2008. The following applies to registration claims only (not preregistrations): To complete your registration, you must upload the material you wish to register OR submit a hardcopy version via postal mail. For hardcopy submissions, be sure to print out and attach a shipping slip from eCO. The effective date of the eCO registration will be established only when we have received all three elements - namely, the electronic application, the fee and the material you wish to register in its entirety. When the registration has been completed, we will send your paper certificate by mail. You may check the status of this claim from your personal account home page using this number [**********].[THREAD ID: ********]
United States Copyright Office

Amazing! Now I just need a publisher to fall out of the sky...anyone...anyone????


sara said...

Loads of Publishers here in town!! I have a friend that works at David C. Cook??

John said...

I have some friends that are working together to do something similar. At this point, we would self publish through Wordclay. Check it out... maybe it will work.

The Homemaker's Resource said...

Travis, you could publish your book as an e-book. I know that might not be the ideal way, but it would certainly be a very low cost, quick way to bring your work to market. Then once it gets out there, it might catch the eye of a mainstream publisher.

CihaPet said...

This is VERY exciting, Travis! Marcie has shared with me about this and how much it means to you! God speed and God bless!

Stephanie said...

How very exciting! I'm a bit confused about the details but knew you wanted to publish a book. Best of luck.

Lisa said...

Ok....WHAT ARE YOU UP TOO??? Spill it girl! :-)