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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pet Peeves

Okay Marcie, I will play. She started her own version of tag, asking for pet peeves. I think this could be fairly revealing, but here goes!

1) I hate to be late...and I hate to be early! But, I usually end up being early because its the lesser of the 2 evils in my mind. My mom and sister would probably disagree with that statement, but what they don't know it that it's always Paul's fault when we are late, and if I am late to my mom's or sister's house its only because I know they love me unconditionally!

2) I hate it when people over-use their horns. These are emergency equipment, people!! You are giving me a heart attack when you are honking at your friend, expressing your disgust at the person in front of you who is slow to go at a green light, or making a driving decision you don't agree with! Obviously, they are never honking at me!

3) That sound that people make when they are trying to cough something up and spit it out. Worked in a hospital for 15 years...enough said!

4) When a game, puzzle, or set of cards has a missing piece. I make everyone turn the house upside down until it's found. If it can't be found, the whole thing has to be thrown out!

5) Laundry. It is the most ungratifying of housework! It is never done! Just when I think it's done, I will be putting away the last load and find a stash of dirty clothes in one of the kid's rooms, under the bed, between the bed and the wall, in the closet, in the bathroom, in the drawers...I think you get the idea! I have to say I hate it less now that I love my laundry detergent!! I guess it's just the dirty laundry I hate!!

Okay, more about me than you ever wanted to know after the past few posts! I hope to hear pet peeves from Beryl, Krystal, and Vicki!


sara said...

How long have you been backlinking? I am very impressed!! :=)

You didn't ask, but it came to mind as one of my pet peeves - cereal slurping. Actually listening to anyone eat when *I* am not eating and can actually hear. It is brutal. Reminds me of my days on the pig farm!

Lisa said...

Oh I am totally laughing! I hate when people are late too. I am not usually late...I call it being pleasantly on time :-) And I totally hear ya on the whole coughing up thing. Sputum is my LEAST favorite thing. Should I mention we are heading into flu season here in the midwest and pneumonia time with the older population is so not an enjoyable time...cough cough hack hack. I thought you would enjoy that for old times sake! :-) Bless their hearts!! Laundry is just never ending...I may have to smell your laundry detergent the next time I'm at Target!

sweetander said...

You would HATE to ride in a car with Matthew. He loves to use his horn!!