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Monday, November 28, 2011

For Riley...In case your e-mail has changed in the past 3 years or you don't Facebook...

Hi, this is Riley (with a little help from mom) writing to ask for your help and offer you some great deals on the BEST pizza around! I am hoping to travel to Australia this June with the People to People Ambassador Program. I was nominated by one of my teachers at Venice Christian School. If I can raise the funds, I will get to explore the Great Barrier Reef with a Marine Biologist, and have a tour of the famous opera house in Sydney. I will also have the opportunity to serve on a missions project while I am there and I am most excited about meeting some real tribal Aboriginees and learning to throw a boomerang (though my mom says I should be more concerned about learning to catch it!)

So, you want to help? Here is what you can do: I am partnering with Pizza Hut and offering a $10 card good for 12 free medium pizzas with up to three toppings when you make a $15 purchase. So, when you take your family to the buffet, you can take some pizza home for breakfast or lunch the next day. Or when you order a pizza, breadsticks and dessert pizza, you get a free medium pizza! I get to keep some of the proceeds for my trip too!

Ready to order? Just reply to this post with how many cards you want to purchase and we will deliver them. If you are not in the the area, you can help too! You can use your Pizza Hut card at your local Pizza Hut anywhere! My mom will be happy to include your card(s) in your Christmas card and you can mail me a check (made out to Riley Prachar) in your Christmas card since you are already going to be sending one (wink wink).

Thanks for considering partnering with me!
Riley Prachar

PS: My mom promises to update this blog very soon!!