Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Alayna! Remembering one of my favorite days...

All six of us went to Adventure Island recently with the kids' school. The big boys had a great time and enjoyed some freedom to hang out with their friends while we stayed close to the youngest and had a great time watching Alayna enjoy the rides and slides for the first time. Several of her good friends were there too and she thoroughly enjoyed the day as we all did. We were sitting together at the table after dinner reflecting on the day. She told me it was on the list of her favorite days included with our swim with the manatees last year for her birthday and also our Disney cruise for Gabe's 13th birthday. I was impressed she remembered either! Then she asked me what my favorite day was. I thought for just a few seconds, days like my wedding day (AWESOME day), graduation days (there were three!), landing a job, the birth of my children all flooded into my mind.

My mind settled on the day of her birth. Not because I love her any more than my boys, Lord knows that is impossible! I think its my favorite because of the anticipation it accompanied, followed by the most unbelievable words..."You got your girl." Those four words I will never forget. My doctor, after catching the baby turned her toward her dad and allowed him to make the announcement by asking, "What have you got Dad?" I hadn't dared hoped for a girl after so many boys.  Seems the track record was rather proven. After two heartbreaking miscarriages, I was so delighted to carry this baby to term that I truly was ecstatic to be having a fourth, the sex didn't matter. But, there were a few moments when I would let my mind wander to the thoughts of my reaction if in fact we did discover she was a girl on the day of her birth. I thought I might scream and rejoice very loudly, and then would push those thoughts from my mind.

Deciding to be surprised this last time was so much part of the fun of that day. I cried several times that day: on the way to the hospital, while I was in labor (we can probably blame that on the hormones and PAIN!) just to know that the anticipation was coming to a close and we were finally going to have an end to the mystery! I actually thought I was keeping the anticipation alive so I could at least buy a couple girl outfits for the "just in case its a girl" as I truly thought those were the only girly things I would purchasing for a daughter of my own. I just didn't want to spend even one single second feeling the tiniest bit disappointed if the baby was a boy.

Turns out, I was speechless and unable to make a sound at the time Paul spoke those words. We recently watched the video of her birth and verified that. Frankly, she was making enough noise for the two of us! Since that day, she has brought so much joy and diversity to our house! While you can imagine, with three big brothers, she isn't always the girliest girl (asked for a batman cake for her 4th birthday), but she loves to color, draw, twirl and TALK! She has never been interested in baby dolls, but swaddles and cares tenderly for her stuffties as she calls them. She has such a tender heart and is growing tall and willowy. She seems to love sports like her brothers too and is looking very much forward to starting volleyball and continuing basketball. Now the anticipation continues as we wait out see what plans God has for our special, precious gift.


We love you and are so blessed to be your parents! We are proud of the young lady you are growing up to be. We pray you continue to search for God's will in your life and allow Him to guide your every step!

All our love,
Mom and Dad

Alayna found this patch of flowers as we were waiting at a park.She enjoyed picking them without knowing I was snapping pictures like crazy! Love that girl!