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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Football fun

Football is winding down, just 2 games to go. We had a home game and pictures last week. We had an unexpected cancellation for this weekend's game, and the Chiefs also have a bye, so its going to be a quiet, nearly football-less weekend. Aaaaah, maybe something at my house will get clean!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm not little

I wanted to blog this story because it cracked me up and I don't want to forget it over time. Alayna talks SO much that often I can't even listen to it all (and she does not feel that is a requirement anyway). Often, I probably miss hilarious things out of her mouth because I have tuned her out. I was listening to the radio recently {WARNING: rabbit trail!}when a woman was talking about the way kids learn (I have read a book about this, but failed to understand it as it applies to my daughter), and she was discussing audio learners. I almost turned the station, but kept listening for a refresher. I thought audio learners were those who learned best by listening or being told something like a story or a rhyme or a song, but I was very wrong. Turns out audio learners are the kids who chatter constantly...our Alayna for sure! They learn by repeating what they have learned in their own words and asking for confirmation that they have gotten it right. I have tried to be more tuned into her since hearing that...but, there are still times.  Like football games when she is too bored to sit and watch. Once she went into the trees behind the visitor bleachers and was playing. I could still see some of her (usually just her legs or feet), but knew where she was. Some boys about her age joined her, but I wasn't too worried because Holden was with her too. I didn't notice Holden had come to sit down, leaving Alayna playing with the boys. One of the boys comes shooting out of the trees with Alayna on his heels and comes up to me in the stands. I don't know how he knew she belonged to me, or if he was just addressing the entire stands, but he starts out by pointing right at Alayna and saying "This little girl..." at which point Alayna completely interrupts him but he finishes his sentence anyway..."is hitting me with a stick!" She interrupted him not to protest her innocence, but to say "I AM NOT LITTLE!!" The entire section of bleachers cracked up. I was standing by another mom whose daughter is in Alayna's class for the third year and she clarified for the rest of the bleachers by saying, "She has three big brothers." Everyone nodded in complete understanding. I asked Alayna if she was indeed hitting the boy with a stick, to which she replied, "Not hard!" She ended up apologizing, but it was hard to be too upset because it was so funny. He was clearly not hurt after all.  I swear, she needs to wear a shirt constantly proclaiming that she has 3 big brothers, because it just clears lots of things up. Like her obsessions with dirt and toads: