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Monday, October 6, 2008

Not me! Monday

Good morning! If you were to say this to me, I would not want to wring your neck or grumble, "What's good about it??" No, not me, because I got lots of sleep on my weekend away with 13 girlfriends. As a matter of fact, we all did! I am sure no one else is grumpy this morning either!

Yes, friends, it time for Not Me! Monday again! MckMama's blog carnival of denial continues. Maybe I can get a lower number on the link list (just returned from linking from her blog and...not so much, I'm in the 70s) even though I didn't type up my not me's until Monday. I am not such a rule follower that it prevents me from typing the post early just to get a low number on the list. I wouldn't be that black and white or rigid, not me! I was not amazed to see that the first 60 or so on her link list had all cheated and posted their Not Me! Monday posts on Sunday! I do not think that I am way above that type of behavior!! Not to mention that I have not been gone for the last 4 days visiting with friends in Dallas at the MOPS convention and wouldn't have been caught dead with my nose in the computer when many of the blog owners in my blogroll were IN THE SAME ROOM AS I WAS!!! I was also not very excited/blessed/experiencing Heaven on Earth the entire time! We did not have the most incredible bonding experience Saturday night, coming together and being real about our struggles so that we can come alongside each other and be an encouragement. We also did not have the most incredible prayer time in which the Holy Spirit moved in such a mighty way that we were all practically sobbing with joy and agreement as He knit our hearts together and burdened us for other women with hurts. I was not touched by this to my CORE, since I experience this type of communion with the Holy Spirit and my close friends on a nearly daily basis!

Okay, I have to admit, I have some of my usual not me's to post as well:

I did not act like a groupie when I spotted the band Go Fish in the hall at convention. I did not ask them if our entire group could get a picture with them...but if I had, this is what it would have looked like: At their concert later that evening, I again did not act like a groupie and run up to the front to beat out the slower ladies so I could be in the front row (no one else in my group did either), but if we had, we would have been able to get great close ups of them in action for our kids like this:
I did not eat chips and mango salsa for breakfast (I did not justify my decision this way: mangoes=fruit, jalapeno peppers=veggies, cilantro=veggie, lime juice=fruit...sounds nutritious!) I also did not eat it directly from the bowl, double dipping as I went because that would be gross, I might as well have put my entire mouth in there!!
I did not drag my (puking sick) son to the beach to pick up shells for a craft project that I had procrastinated and had to be done that day regardless of the fact that he was at home sick with me all day. I was not completely relieved that he didn't puke in the van on the trip...just so I wouldn't have to explain my actions to my husband. Not me!

I did not miss the wedding of a coworker of my husband's at Agape (I was NOT the only one not there), and I also did not miss the long awaited and much anticipated arrival of Agape's new cargo plane. Thank goodness I didn't do that because I wouldn't have been the only one not there as well! Besides, how important is a new plane to a mission organization that flies mail and supplies and relief to missionaries in Haiti and the Dominican Republic?? I am certain you can find me in the photos Gabe took...somewhere:

The Agape crew get a closer look at their prize.
This is how the pilots will board the plane once it is loaded!
Does anyone else see the resemblance to Vanna White????

I also did not miss my son's baseball game on Saturday which was their first win this season. Thank goodness he did not score the winning run, or I might have been upset that I missed it.

Okay, now, I don't mean it, I don't want to hear what you have NOT been up to! So get to posting!


sara said...

You are so funny!! I think of NOTY ME all week; in fact, every time I am doing something that I probably wouldn't want to admit (like feeding my kids mac n cheese for the third meal) Which I did not do, by the way!!

Allmykids123 said...

Saw you on MckMama and had to stop in and read your Not Me's. I loved them!

Weeksie50 said...

To funny! I love these not me Monday post..

Were you at the Gaylord Texan? If so, I love that place..Don't you?

CihaPet said...

Maybe it is a guy/testosterone thing, but all this "not me"/double negative suggested verbiage is too confusing... Must be why only women really understand it. :-P

Weeksie50 said...

To funny! I love these not me Monday post..

Were you at the Gaylord Texan? If so, I love that place..Don't you?

Jennifer said...

Love your Not Me's and I'm definetly NOT one of those cheaters who posted on Sunday! Not me, I swear by it!!!

Anonymous said...

I got lost in the triple negative. If a double negative makes a positive, does a triple leave it a negative?? I am so glad to know that while you were not running around embarrassing yourself to get pictures for your kids, I was not running around taking pictures with strange men for a photo scavenger hunt for Tammy's not birthday. Not me!! BTW, I didn't cry when I saw Marcie come to the school knowing that she had hugged you last. And I did not love the earrings you picked out for me that I also picked... And I definitely do not love you!!

Lindsay said...

Great NMM's. I definitely see my life through the eyes of my blog as well. It's a crazy existence and my non-blogging friends think I'm crazy!

Elaine said...

Great post and beautiful family. Thanks for stopping by.

Cindy and company said...

Too funny! I was going to do a NMM but I didn't want to admit that I told my kids they don't "do" Halloween in WI because it's too cold! Nope, not me! Glad you had a great time at the convention. Seeing the girls makes me miss everyone even more. And BTW I would have done the EXACT same thing if I had spotted GO FISH. I love those guys!