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Monday, October 13, 2008

Guests and a prayer request

We were so happy to welcome missionary candidates to our home over the weekend. Mark and Carol and their son Will are prospective field directors for Port au Prince, Haiti. They came to Venice to check out Agape and stayed with us. It was great to get to know them and show them around a bit. They got to see the new plane, check out the school, and meet lots of the folks at Agape. They also enjoyed the Community Expo with us. This is Will on Agape's flight simulator with Dad and Prachar boys looking on:
Carol took a shot at it too. It was quite fun! Finally Mark got his turn.
They went to the beach and dug the biggest hole of the summer (I know its technically fall, but when it starts feeling like it, I will start calling it such). This time there were no tiny shovels, they went prepared!
I know what you are thinking: "Boy, those Prachars are really roughing it there in Florida!" You couldn't be more right! God is good!
Riley shows how to avoid a sunburn at the least on your face!
Finally, I have a prayer request for a friend's family. This is a picture of a sorority sister of mine from William Jewell College. Actually its 2 of my sisters and a guy I don't think I ever knew. Anyway, on the left is Angie Vincent Elliott and on the right my friend Leigh Anne Dunbar. They were on a ski trip while I was studying Organic Chemistry during Winterim (2 week class between fall and spring semesters). I never knew Angie to drink beer, so I am pinning the beer can on the unknown boy in the photo by the way. Hard to focus here, I just don't know how to begin. Angie had been fighting Inflammatory Breast Cancer for several years and lost her fight on October 9th. I just found out today and would like to ask for prayer for her incredibly supportive husband, in-laws, and her family who all mourn her loss. She was so brave and never gave up until Jesus took her home to finally rest. She was an inspiration and fought hard for research and even did some Washington lobbying. Thanks for your prayers. The prayers of the righteous have great power as it is working (James 5:16)


Spear Family said...

How sad it is to loose a young person. The family of your friend will be in our prayers. Glad to see its still summer in your part of the world. Anissa

Lisa said...

I had been following Angie's Care page for a few weeks now and it was so sad to see her go. I know she's in a better place now without pain and suffering...but wow, she was OUR AGE! Her fight was truely inspiring.