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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another fall...I am getting clumsy in my old age!

***Update below with much requested photos (not me anyway!)

I have an oft repeated quote. It goes like this: No good deed goes unpunished. I wanted to help my friend Kate (the one whose husband is a pilot at Agape and she is a nurse) clean the house next door to her again since guests are expected tonight and we haven't been over there since Faye went by us several weeks ago. There were massive amounts of cobwebs around the pool that I was working on with a broom including many on the cage over the pool. I was working my way around the pool working over my head when I forgot about the pool widening and the sidewalk narrowing and ended up falling in...with my cell phone in my pocket. The water almost went over my head due to my surprise at finding myself in the pool and not landing on my feet, instead landing on one foot and the other knee hitting the outside of the pool, then scraping the foot and big toe on the side of the pool then into the pool as well...wearing my non waterproof flip flops (actually that was my first thought, for those stupid 75 cent things). All of this occurred about 30 minutes before time to pick up the kids from school for dentist appointments. I was laughing and climbed out and had Alayna get Kate who spotted my cell phone in my completely see through shorts pocket right away. It started being less funny then. Then, I looked down and noticed all the bleeding from my foot that was dragged so quickly into the pool. Less funny still. Kate got me some band aids and hydrogen peroxide and I stripped down to put my shirt and shorts in the dryer on the off chance they would be dry enough to not be see through anymore, wrapped a towel around me and finished the cleaning inside the house...well almost. I have to go back after supper and before tonight's baseball game to finish up and see if I can bring my cell phone back to life after it dries out on the fridge. My shorts were dry enough, drier than my shirt was anyway (thankfully it was dark red), so I yanked them on when it was time to go get the boys. I looked like a drowned rat! I felt the need to explain to Patty (the secretary) at school why I looked that way, since it was not raining! And then to everyone at the dentist's office. And of course to the kids! Well, at least I had the reassurance that I hardly know anyone in this town, so who cares what I look like, right? NO, as I am waiting an acquaintance recognizes me and says hello. It wasn't really an appropriate time and place to explain my appearance, so who knows what he was thinking!! I guess its great material for next week's Not Me! Monday... I left the bandaids in place for the photos so no one would be disturbed. You can barely see them on my toe and side of my foot. The scrape on the ankle bone didn't show up very well...I don't think I am going to get tons of sympathy from these photos! You can almost tell that my toe nail polish was nearly a total loss the sympathy is flowing!!
The knee is hurting much less today since some swelling went down. There is a clear side of the pool bruise in a nice line below the scrape. Its kind of hard to take a picture of your own knee. I bet you didn't know that!!
My cell phone is working!!!! I put the battery back in and fired it up and all was well, it seemed. I did a happy dance and called my friend Marcie to chat. When I took it away from my ear, the screen no longer worked. So, I can dial and receive calls, but I can't see my phone book :( I took it back apart and back to the top of the fridge it goes for now. I know you are all on the edge of your seat, so I'll keep you posted!
I feel so much better having added pictures. That would have been 2 posts in a row without them and I just didn't sleep well last night for thinking of that!! Like the fall off the chair with my paint roller earlier this summer, I am sure the picture in your mind of the fall itself was plenty funny though!


The Gradys said...

Man, no photos to share with this post!!
Hope your foot is feeling ok!!

Cindy said...

I agree! This sounds like a kodak moment if there ever was one. :) I love reading your blog Travis, I feel like I live next door!

Cindy Humpleby

sara said...

Yeah, I was kinda hoping for a photo to go with the incident aforementioned!!!

I love the Not Me! Monday :) I have LOADS of material for that!!

rotzollkids said...

Don't ask, but my cell phone fell in the toilet...the water was clean. It took between 1 and 2 weeks for it to dry out and work completely. You might want to take the battery out and let it dry by itself. I guess that is the price you Florida people pay for pools! ;)

rotzollkids said...
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Anonymous said...

Just another indicator that you really are related to me. Now that should make you feel better already. It could have been so much worse. And I am LOL. :)
love you!!!

Cindy and company said...

Goodness, Girl! How does the pool look? I had to LOL at the comment about not knowing anyone so who cares what I look like. I feel the same way here in WI! That's one good thing about moving.

Lisa said...

I TOTALLY noticed the bruise before I even read about it. I am just glad you are okay. It's a good sign the phone is starting to work but water and electronics just don't mix. I'm just saying. Oh and I would have been okay with a pic without the bandaids. LOL. Yes, I'd have to's the price of living around a pool! Yes, we are just jealous. I can still picture you painting on the roller chair too by the way.

I'm still trying to come up with a college year book. It's driving me nuts not to know who I saw this morning!

CihaPet said...

Glad to see there was no permanent(?) damage!
I thought mommies could see in all directions at all times! :-)