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Monday, September 29, 2008

Not me! Monday

All right, I am participating again in MckMama's blog carnival of denial-truth. This was too fun and was so therapeutic last week. I certainly did NOT lose a significant chunk of my day checking out many other lists of did nots last week and certainly won't repeat the same waste of time/excellent entertainment/therapy this week! I am hoping you, my blog readers will join in with your own lists. As funny as it is to read the list of a stranger, its even better when you know the person. If you don't have a blog, leave your list in my comments, and if you do, make your list on your blog and follow the link above to MckMama's blog, or click the button on my sidebar to visit her blog for directions to link your blog to hers and watch your visitor count skyrocket! I had over 120 visitors to my site last Monday!! Now for the juicy I didn'ts. I have to say this was quite the week for these:
  • I did not get ready in the semi dark to take my kids to school Friday (this will be important in a moment), get them to school and realized that I hadn't forgotten my 4 year old's lunch and school bag, have to return all the way back home and make a 2nd trip.

  • I didn't miss catching my neighbor whose daughter goes to the same school (which starts 30 minutes later for the elementary kids) by just a few seconds and have to follow her unable to get her attention to take the bags for me to save me repeating the trip. That was NOT frustrating!

  • I did not get out of my van at a stop light 2 blocks away from the school to ask her to take them the rest of the way to the school for Alayna...that would be ridiculous, right?

  • I did not make a special trip to school to take food in for Holden's first grade class to taste (part of a food group curriculum they are doing right now) because I skimmed over the instructions and didn't realize I could have sent in the food during the week, or any one of the two trips I made that morning. Not me!

  • I did not notice for the first time as I was entering the school that afternoon that I was still wearing (proudly) my Hawkeyes (Black and Gold) t-shirt and dark navy running shorts (I have the same shorts in black and navy and because I got dressed in the dark, as above, I didn't notice I had grabbed the navy ones). I wasn't still wearing them because I still hadn't gotten motivated to go run.

  • I did not end up skipping my Friday run mostly because my husband had my IPod and was out of the country with it.

  • I did not stick around at the food tasting in first grade in spite of my mismatched clothing, because that might embarrass my son.

  • I did not then proceed to the grocery store in my mismatched clothes, only to discover in the check out line that my wallet was not in my, it was quite a day!!

  • I did not, in spite of what my last post says, fall in a pool just before picking up my boys for their dentist appointments, have to go to aforementioned dentist appointment looking like a drowned rat and end up spending 2 1/2 hours at the office for cleanings, x-rays, and application of sealants...did I mention I looked like a drowned rat? Nope, not me!

  • I did not allow special concessions for my kids just because Dad was out of the country, like swimming after dark and making TONS of noise as they put on a choreographed show for me, at which I did not cheer loudly and shoosh them at the same time! I wouldn't let my kids make that much noise in our neighborhood knowing most of our neighbors are retirees and go to bed EARLY.

  • I also did not allow them to turn our living room into a giant tent and not put everything back like they found it before Dad got home because he would definitely felt left out if he had not seen it for himself. Said tent is not STILL up in the living room. If it was, it would not look something like this:

  • I did not let my 4 year old sleep in the tent on the tile floor knowing full well she would never sleep in there by herself all night. I did not at all enjoy coming to her rescue at 5:20 am, and carrying her scared but sleepy body to her bed and tucking her back in with hugs and kisses. I did not just melt inside as her little arms clung tightly to my neck.

  • I am not gossiping or tattling on my husband (because I told him to his face I was including this story in my post), but he was telling me about his trip (BTW, I was NOT so happy he came home last night), and was telling me about some really good cake he had and that for some reason he didn't finish. He set it down on the kitchen counter and went back to it about 1 1/2 hours later to find ants on the plate. He certainly did not brush off the ants and share the cake with his friend John anyway!!

So how about you...what have you NOT been up to?


Jennifer said...

So funny! What is it with kids and tents anyways?! mine do the same thing! oops i mean they don't do the same thing!

CihaPet said...

Denile is not a river either... ;-P

Weeksie50 said...

Wow- you did have a rough day.. I am glad you are finding the humor in it now..

Melanie said...

I do not love, love, love, the post!!!

Jo-Jo said...

Sounds like you did not have a very fun, sometimes stressful, time! And I do not think you have a GEORGOUS family! Nope I do not think that!

Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all, whose iPod??? And who's crying because of the little arms holding tight to your neck at 5:20 in the morning... not you!!! I love you, even if you didn't call me back when I tried to tell you about the first Chiefs win in 12 gams!

Lisa said...

Love the tent picture...but I'm a bit grossed out at Paul. Ewwwww...ants. LOL

karen said...

Hola Travis,
I've been enjoying your yourself, I read blogs of people I don't even know! But my husband, Bud and I, at least met Paul...since you two, are one...I feel like I know you!

The cake he didn't get to eat in the D.R. - would be my cake...and yes,it is very good and the most simple cake you will ever make...from 'scratch'!

I feel compelled to share it with you....maybe Paul can have a piece...without ants. I like to call it, Karen's Krazy Kake, because you mix everything in the cake pan.

3 C. flour
2 C. sugar
5 Tb. cocoa
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. soda
Blend this all in a 9x13 pan with a fork...make 3 holes/wells....
1) 2 tsp. vanilla
2) 2 Tb. vinegar
3) 12 Tb. oil
Pour 2 cups of cold water over the entire mixture and mix back and forth with fork.
Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees!

DONE! NO eggs, no greasing the pan....walla.
I sprinkled powdered sugar on top as it kinda looks like a brownie cake...but I've used frostiing too.