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Friday, September 12, 2008

Death in Haiti

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
This weighs heavy on my heart. I just spoke to one of our missionaries (Randall) in Haiti. His village lost 58 children this week. The Haitian government opened up a dam to relieve some pressure so that thousands would not die, but as an unannounced result, these children were washed away to their deaths at about 2 in the morning, without warning. It hurts me to hear this, it brings me to tears thinking of them fighting for their lives to no avail. This missionary knew every one of these children, he served them daily. Houses completely gone, a dump truck and bus are nowhere to be found, and the children are dead.

Please pray, pray now, where you are, stop what you are doing and pray for these families, for those left behind. For this missionary and the helpless pain he is enduring. FIFTY EIGHT!!! In one village, at one time. Do you have a child in your life that you love? What if it was him? What if it was her? Who would you sue if this happened to you? These families have no recourse. But God why, why this, why them, why now, what for, tell me!?!?!? Their lives were already in wanting.

My words cannot express the pain of the ones left behind, so I will stop and let you ponder this without any further words from me. Just pray.



sara said...

The secret things of God are so hard to wrap our minds around. Another reminder of how finite we really are and how we will never grasp it until the day that he makes us perfect.

Praying for this loss..

Lisa said...

Wow..these are certainly the times when I don't "get" God. But then I have to keep praying and just realize that maybe he spared them from all of the chaos after the hurricane and know that they are in such a better place. I have to think that it will be revealed later the 'why' it happened the way it did.