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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am now an official baseball mom!

We were so excited to go to Riley's first baseball game on Saturday. It was hot (shocking), and sunny, so we were glad to see shade over the bleachers. Riley had only one practice before this game, so expectations were not high. I was actually worried that he would not enjoy the game because his comment after his first practice what that it was "Boring. We didn't even get to have batting practice!" don't get to bat that many times in a game either!! So we donned the baseball equipment (special thanks to the Cupp family--we got the package of a new glove, 2 pairs of practice pants, and batting gloves that I think he wore to bed that night, just before his first practice!) and hit the field. The kids on the team are ages 7-10 and a wide variety of experience. Riley has never played and we were not sure how he would do and how the coach would determine who to play based on one practice, but it went really well. The game was very laid back and the coaches taught from the field so that it was a lot like a practice. Riley started out the game in center field and actually had a little action and knew where to throw the ball he had fielded! He is in the center of this photo: We enjoyed the game from the bleachers under the shade. Made the 90+ degrees tolerable. Here was our team's cheering section:
This is Riley after he hit a HOME RUN!!! It was pretty unbelievable. He was 4th in the batting line up and there were 2 boys on base. He got hit with a pitch in the left shoulder blade (has a baseball shaped bruise to prove it), and so the coach stepped in and pitched the next one to him which he connected with and sent deep into center field. He ran to 2nd base and the ball was overthrown so he went to 3rd and then home, bringing in 3 runs!! I didn't even think to take my camera out until it was all over! He looks pretty happy, but we were a little concerned that he would be hard on himself if he didn't do that every time at bat!
In the third and fourth innings (we only played four innings total), the coach moved everyone around and Riley was moved to 1st base (I played the same position when I played softball as a girl!). Here is a picture of him after he fielded the hit and stepped on the base to get the batter out. I thought he did really well for a kid who never played before and had only one practice!!
We are geared up for a crazy 9 weeks as he will play games on T-Th-Sat and practice on Wed nights. The other kids did really well and enjoyed cheering for Riley and his team...we will see how long until they are sick of sitting in the bleachers!

This was a welcome distraction from the horrible news from Haiti and Texas. We are praying diligently for the hurricane's victims and their families and all left behind to mourn. We would love to have you join us. We have been encouraged by a few of you who have emailed or commented. Would you consider leaving us your prayer here in our comments if you have not already?


May Family said...

Wow! Riley did great! Tell him congratulations. Maybe we can come to the next game. I will see you Wednesday morning. God bless!

The Novotny News said...

Travis...we are keeping up to date on the hurricane and what happened in Haiti and you are in our prayers every night. We are very thankful for what we have and the love we are surrounded with.
What a great time at the baseball game. I bet that put lots of smiles on your face to be there and cheer on Riley. We love you guys and like I said...always thinking of you. You guys are an amazing family. Love you lots--

CihaPet said...

Great news on the ball game! Way to go Riley!

Lisa said...

Oh, I am so excited that Riley had a great game and had fun!!! I am sure that you will keep busy as the schedules start happening. Yes, we are praying and thinking of the families affected by the hurricane. I can't even imagine, my heart aches for them. thanks for keeping us posted!!!
love ya

Anonymous said...

We enjoy reading your blogs and are saddened along with you regarding the loss of the Haitian children. We continue to pray for you all and the ministry that God has called you to. Congrats to Riley on the home run!! Makes for a great time for the family to be able to be in the cheering squad:-)
Barb & Steve

Lisa said...

Congrats on the home run. That is going to be hard to beat the next few weeks but something try and repeat! Great pics!

JanC said...

Great Job, Riley! Here's to many more fun and exciting games of baseball. I had tears of joy streaming down my face as I read about the game. Being a baseball mom is great, isn't it?
We are praying for you and the families is Haiti at this difficult time.