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Monday, September 22, 2008

Not me! Monday

I have decided to join this craze and I hope you are entertained! MckMama from a blog I am addicted to started this carnival (aren't I smart to know that this is what this is called?? I am sure you all are appropriately impressed) and it is spreading like wildfire! I got such a kick out of hers and reading all the comments posted by her readers of similar "I did not"s that I thought I would join as well. Here's how it goes. MckMama calls this "being brutally honest and living to tell about it". It seems easier to say that I didn't really do all of these things...

  • I did and do not continue to see my day through the eyes of my blog, taking pictures of bizarre things like my MOPS craft project, two $100 bills, and my daughter holding tomatoes because it will make a good blog story.
  • I did not compose excuses for speeding on the way home from dropping the kids at school in case I was pulled over because I really had to go to the bathroom. (By the way, sorry for the scare honey, I was not pulled over, I was just being prepared!) Everyone who knows me knows that I NEVER speed! Not me!
  • I do not nag all my friends to start blogs so I can see what they are up to after moving over 1,000 miles away this summer, nope, not something I would do!
  • I do not spend a good chunk of my morning and sometimes evening checking above mentioned blogs. (I was not so excited to add another blog to my roll just this morning!! Go Steph!!)
  • I did not ignore my chore box all last week and refile several of them into next month without doing them. (I got my cleaning system up and running and when I keep on top of it, it is very FREEING!!!)
  • I did not fall asleep at the beach yesterday and let my husband keep track of all four kids by himself. I also did not thank him profusely for being the best dad and husband to ever walk the earth!
  • I did not do 8 loads of laundry on Saturday including one which I didn't bother to sort because I was frustrated at finding the dirty clothes still in my kid's closet, under the bed, between the bed and the wall, in the bathroom, out by the pool, in the van, in the garage. Amazingly enough, I did not pink the load! Truly!
  • I did not spend several minutes thinking of ways to bribe them to bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room. Any suggestions??
  • I did not stay up to watch a movie with my husband that I really had no business watching (Bad Boys 2), but couldn't resist, until 2 am. See why I fell asleep at the beach??
  • I did not spend 2 hours Saturday night making a movie about what we did this summer on my computer's Movie Maker that only lasted 10 minutes! That would be a total waste of time, right?
  • I also did not consider playing the movie when we go home to visit in November at our church, even though there is a video with my husband in his underwear! Nope, not me!

    Okay, that was fun, but I better leave something for next Monday! I can't wait to hear your "I did not"s!


Krystal said...

Hi I just popped over from MckMama's blog.

I love your blog and the colors!

Your family is gorgeous! And I loved all your I DID NOT list! Perfect!

Have a great week!

CihaPet said...

Interesting... So what are the rules and guidelines for the I did nots? I'm confused as to if these were things you are in denial about or what?

Marner Family said...

Wow ... but how true is it to be somewhere and say, wish I had my camera, I COULD BLOG THIS. I just laughed ... you have me beat on the laundry. I accomplished 5 load on Saturday, but still have 4 more to go. Makes me remind myself another reason not to add another member to the family! HA! :)

Thanks for the Monday Therapy. -b

Kregers5 said...

I have to be honest, Travis. I never sort my laundry anymore. I can't keep up so it just all gets thrown in. :) Love the list and I love hearing all about your life!

Anonymous said...

No wonder you are insane. Certifiably! You really should consider giving me one of the kids. At least one of them would turn out!!! HA! LOL. I miss sharing the everydayness of life with you. love ya!

Lisa said...

OH what a riot. I think blogging is such perfect therapy...and yes, I'm going to blog here in a bit! I'm jealous of you getting to fall asleep at the long as you don't get burned :-) I really only think bloggers have the mindset to take pictures all the time with the thought....I'm so gonna put that in the blog! My new phone supposedly has a much better camera so maybe I'll have more pics!!

The Richards' said...

That was great! I love the idea and I can so relate! Thanks for making me laugh!!