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Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome back for another dose of all things denied! I love that this confuses some of you and you leave my post wondering what exactly I am up to here! Truth be told (or is it, wink, wink), I sometimes confuse myself and have to just type in what happened and go back in and add in the denials! I am sure none of you ever get confused though! Click over to MckMama’s to see what scads of others are denying. This was a busy week:

I did not completely stalk MckMama’s site because I just knew she was going to post Mr. Linky ANY second…for 2 hours. I did not stubbornly refuse to give up and just go and run on the treadmill already. When it did come up (about 2 min after the last time I had checked), my heart rate did not SHOOT up!! It did not almost stop to see that I was not fast enough and that I was already down at #40! I guess that’s better than in the 200’s where I have been lately because I haven’t caught it for 2 hours (because I was exercising!!) I did not finally get it linked…with only a minor heart attack because I had pasted a new HTML code on my blog’s sidebar while I was stalking…I mean waiting, and then pasted that into Mr. Linky instead of my link to my post…and noticed it JUST in time. I did not have to race back to my blog to re-copy the link, all the while imagining 300 people were getting in before me (that helps the fingers work really well by the way) and get back to MckMama’s to paste in the proper link. I did not get bumped down to #61 because of that error! I did not just decide that my heart rate was sustained enough to be considered aerobic exercise and consider just skipping the 3 mile run I had planned. I did not discover today that I pasted the link with 2 "http//:"'s and the link probably didn't work...which would not explain why I had zero visitors from MckMama's blog last heart rate is not up again just thinking about it!

I did not go back into my post and add something about my cleaning system just because I might be getting some extra traffic. I have not thought of some really good ways to market this thing, but I am not waiting to hear about getting someone else to do all the hard work (printing) for me. I do not love this black and white number! You should not click here to find out more about my cleaning system that will set you free!

No matter what any kid in this house says, I certainly did not teach them how to inhale the helium out of a balloon to make your voice change. That might be confusing to them and possibly irresponsible. So, I am glad that I didn’t do that, not me!

I did not have to reassure my husband repeatedly that it was perfectly safe to inhale helium, and that we even used helium in the oxygen for really sick babies in the PICU, so it was harmless. He was not still a little reluctant. Good thing the very next night, we didn’t happen to catch a few seconds of the news while Paul was not channel surfing (he never does that, he just picks a channel and stays there, you would never catch him flipping the channels just because a commercial came on). The news story was not about a group of people who help others commit suicide by inhaling HELIUM. I did not completely stop breathing when they said that!

My husband did not spring an overnight guest on me with only a couple hours notice TWICE this week. We were not already expecting guests over the weekend, so our guest room/Gabe's room sheets did not get washed 4 times in 4 days! I did not spend several minutes trying to figure out how many times they got washed. I did not stubbornly refuse to get out a pencil and paper to help me. I can continue to deny that I need them if I refuse to get them out, right?

Janet and Rod Alderich were not our Wednesday night guests. They are not training for full time missions and spending 2 months at Agape. We do not welcome them!

We did not have the CraZieSt weekend ever. Thank goodness we didn’t have company over the weekend that we dragged around in our insanity including a major event at Agape for all the volunteers, opening day for baseball that did not include team pictures for 3 boys, opening ceremonies and the two games, a Family Fun Fest at the kids’ school (which I had not committed to working 2 hours at one of the inflatables, taking tickets). Our guests also did not cram in a visit to the beach and waffle night! They did not leave our house after 9 pm on Saturday night with a 3 hour drive ahead of them. Thank goodness, that would have been really CraZy! We were not SO glad for the time we had with all of them! Thanks Isaacsons for carving out some time to come visit! This is the kids not enjoying waffle night:

Alayna did not scare Hannah at bedtime by talking about ghosts in her room. Her brother Holden did not teach her about ghosts (of which he learned about whom knows where…) Hannah did not refuse to sleep with Alayna in her room. Ellie did not stay and romp and play for another hour after they were supposed to be sleeping. We did not have to remind them multiple times to lie down and close their eyes. They did not have a GRAND time together! Here they are before the ghost stories started:

I did not encourage Emily to start her own Not me Monday post after she did not sit on a piece of dark chocolate and it did not melt all over her….ummmm, how do I put this….backside in the worst possible spot and I certainly did NOT clean it off for her with a couple baby wipes (wow, who knew those were not miraculous??)

We did not bathe 4 kids in the same bath water after being at the beach and baseball field and school playground all day. The bathwater was not so filthy that the bottom of the tub could not be seen! Who would do that?? Ewwww! Not me!

I did not get a raging sunburn on one arm on Saturday. I carefully and religiously applied sun screen and reapplied as directed. I am so glad I don't have any weird tan lines to try to get rid of!

Finally, I am NOT leaving for Iowa tomorrow! I am not excited about it. It will not be a short trip. I am not sad that I will not have any time for socializing while I am not there!

Okay, now you give up your not mes, it is so freeing, it is free therapy!


The Novotny News said...

Have a wonderful time in Iowa! I am jealous! Tell everyone hello from the Novotnys! We miss you and hopefully will see you SOON...still hoping for FLORIDA! We are praying about it everynight! Talk soon. Take care Travis!

Rikki said...

Wow--this post about wore me out just reading it!! You are NOT busy! And I am NOT happy that I get to see you soon!

sara said...

I am NOT jealous that you are visiting Iowa. Not me :=)

I love Paul's Daisy Dukes in the former post :) Ahh, I miss that style!! LOL!!!

Sarah said...

Great Not-me's, but I am tired just reading about your week!

Happy Monday!

Richard and Becky said...

I did NOT love your post as always and I am NOT jealous that you are visiting Iowa! Hope your travels are safe.

Jennifer form CL said...

Can I go to IOWA with you!?! I only get there about 8 weeks a year!

sweetander said...

You are hilarious! I am so checking out the organizing blog! So fun:)