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Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I am not making a completely pathetic attempt at a post today, just to say that I haven't missed a week of Not Me-ing yet. I am not that neurotic. To see how many others are not that neurotic, click over to MckMama's site for their lists of not neurotic things they didn't do this week! I know you could use a chuckle just as bad as I could!

I did not make a short trip to Iowa and JUST miss getting to see my friend Jeanie's baby by a few hours! I am not so thrilled that they added Tanner Ray Kochan to their family on Friday, March 6th, 2009 at 4:39 a.m. He weighed in at 8lbs, 1/2oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. I did not just cut and paste that from her blog. I do not fully expect the font to be wrong and the color as well, and even though I have so much free time on my hands lately, I am going to just hold my breath and hope it can be read! I did not come very close with my guess as to when he would be born and all the details (like the fact that he's a boy and I was not right about that all along), and I am not waiting on pins and needles to see if I won. I am not all about competition, I do not think I have to win everything.
I did not let my life nearly get consumed by my budding business this week. I did not have a review by the Org Junkie that was posted at her blog and it did not bring over 1,000 hits to my site already and the orders are not rolling in!! I am not excited and scared at the same time!
I did not enlist help from weekend's guests, Mark and Melanie to help me decorate some tins that were ready to be shipped out today!

We did not take our guests to the beach yesterday when the weather was not absolutely beautiful! We did not take tu-tus to the beach yesterday for the girls to wear to play in the sand so we could take their pictures, okay...that is hundreds of pictures! No one got sunburned either!

Okay, that is all there is time for today! What did you not do last week??


JoD said...

I don't miss you already. I haven't had twenty three meltdowns since you left. My furnace did not go out on my house the day the inspector went through the house. I did not freeze on Friday and Saturday until someone could come and then go to Mom's. I did not have two different companies come through to look at the damage to the basement wall and am certainly not waiting on pins and needles for how bad that will be. I am not a bundle of nerves ready for a psychiatric ward!!

E @ Scottsville said...

DALRING beach photos. I'm so jealous right now! =0)

Enjoyed your Not ME's today.

Happy Monday!

Stephanie said...

Great beach pics!! Nice shallow depth of field! And the lighting is great too, don't you just love your cameral and all you can do with it!?

Richard and Becky said...

I did NOT get jealous when I saw the beautiful beach pics and looked out my window to a beautiful SNOW storm! I did NOT love your post and also advertise for your spring clean year round when some girl friends were over the other day! Hurray!

Perceys said...

I am not stalking your blog yet again! I am not trying to get ideas about how to write my own Not Me Monday post! I am not at all jealous of you getting a review from the org junkie! Wow, that is NOT sooooo cool!

Cindy and company said...

I am NOT completely excited for your booming business! I did not talk to my sister-in-law yesterday and she is Not loving her new system. She also did NOT share it with her neighbor who then did NOT order one for herself!! Yea!!! Keep it up and Congratulations.

Lauren said...

Oh my! I love the beach pictures!!!! Makes me wish I had 2 little girls! (although I wouldn't trade my boy for anything!)

Lynette said...

The beach....oh, I only wish...we did NOT have -39 weather this week!!!