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Monday, March 30, 2009

Holden and Birdie go to a Rays game

Our friends Brent and Chrystal took Holden with Joshaua (seen here with Holden and one of the Rays' players) to a Spring Training game in Port Charlotte on Saturday. The kids were given baseballs and got several autographs. Someone tried to sign Birdie, but was stopped just in time and posed for a picture with him instead! Holden was tired from our softball game that went into extra innings Friday night plus his early Saturday morning baseball game, so he didn't have the best attitude in all of these pictures. By Sunday, he was excited about what he got to do with Birdie!

On the way home, Brent's fellow firemen were on scene, so he stopped and the boys and bear got to check out the fire truck too!
Birdie and Holden took the truck for a spin...just kidding!! Looks like someone's attitude improved a bit though!
Birdie is having lots of fun and collecting souvenirs. He was kind enough to let Holden have the baseball though (sorry Camden!)

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Marner Family said...

Sure ... we were all excited about the baseball! No, really that is okay ... Thanks for showing Birdie a great time, and posting some photos to show his class. Did Birdie get to go on the Plane? It is so fun to see what everone has done! Thanks again, we miss you all! -b