Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Monday, March 30, 2009

A bear comes to visit!

Meet Birdie! He is visiting us from Holden's friend Camden Marner in Iowa! See Camden, Birdie is safe and sound and having a wonderful vacation here! Birdie has been all over the country and also to Canada and is making his last stop in sunny Florida before he heads home to Iowa with the rest of Camden's classmates' stuffed animals that have been traveling all over the country as a class project. We are having so much fun showing Birdie all the fun things there are to do here!Birdie arrived on Monday afternoon and joined us for an Alayna and Birdie day! We tried to make his first day so special! We decided to go for a long bike ride. We found a bungee cord in the garage to use as a seat belt for Birdie:We rode about 6 miles and Birdie didn't complain ONCE (I wish I could say the same for Alayna!) We stopped at the halfway point for a drink of water and to rest and cool off. Birdie was thirsty too:
Next, we rode to the park for a picnic lunch. Birdie had peanut butter and honey sandwich (his favorite I am told), an apple and some more water. He wasn't even upset that his sandwich got squished when the lunch bag (seen above) got wedged between the bar holding the bikes together and my tire! He was a good sport!
After lunch, he and Alayna played on the playground with some new friends:
He went down all the slides with Alayna:
And got brave and wanted to go down the curly slide all by himself! We were so proud of him! He is very brave for such a little bear, Camden!!

Then, we took Birdie to the twirly rides at the park and videoed the fun he had:

Unfortunately, it was just too much for the little guy and this is what happened next. He felt like heading home after this, so we strapped him back on and home we went! Poor little fella!

After a short nap, he felt like coming to the boys' baseball game. While they warmed up, I was making dividers for my business and Birdie wanted to help:

As you can see, he was a great help at keeping the tabs and trash from blowing away! What a good little helper he is! He also got to help the umpire make calls from his great vantage point during the game.

Holden also gave airplane rides when Birdie got tired of making important calls:
Birdie is making the rounds here on his vacation! He has also agreed to help out with the plane's next trip to the island, so be watching for how Birdie's first mission trip goes! Birdie says he misses you, Camden and he can't wait to see you on April 8th!


Stephanie said...

What a cute way to document what's going on in people's lives!

sara said...

What fun!! Birdie is having a better vacation than I have had in a long time!!

Marner Family said...

So much fun! Wish we could have been there with him ... it will be a lot of fun to unpack all of his travels! THANKS again for helping with Camdens class project. -b