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Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Okay friends, I don't know about you, but my life is sheer and utter chaos right now. I have a not me! moment every time I turn around. But, alas, life is too crazy for recording or even remembering much, so I will make it least that's what I have said in the past, but it always turns into something much more than I planned. I think today will prove out to be the truth though. For more interesting posts, click over to MckMama's blog to see what several hundred other ladies are NOT admitting to!

I have not ignored my blog, e-mail and all things to do with the computer for the past4 days because we are enjoying our company...again!

We did not visit the beach and come away looking like tourists without enough sense to apply sun screen. We do not look like lobsters, our children did not also get burnt, and we are not in some serious pain still from our beach outing on SATURDAY!! We did not carefully monitor how long we were at the beach and leave in a timely manner and end up looking like tourists anyway!

Lora has not had to put up with my severe deconditioning on our 2 runs this week. I did not think/wish I was surely going to die while running the 3 mile loops with her. She did not have to stop and walk with WIMPY me several times. I am not paying dearly for taking 2 weeks off. No, I did NOT take 2 weeks off from running because I know much better than that!

I did not play right field in our softball game Friday night and drop a foul ball after trying to catch it on my forearm instead of my glove. I did not run too far under it (I do not have lightening speed that even I misjudged!!) and have it hit me on the wrist. I do not still have bruises in the shape of a ball and lace marks! I did not yell out "I'm HURT!" after the ball hit me! I did not have the most excitement ever seen in right field that night! I will not be practicing more catching pop flies (this does not seem like an appropriate time to insert my excuses for my inabilities here). I was not bemoaning the fact that I never played in the outfield all years I played softball as a kid. I did not play first base and was not always just a little relieved that it was not me out there trying to judge how far to back up or come forward!

Paul and I did not have the softball game time wrong in our heads on Friday night and did not get a call 10 minutes before the game asking if we were coming. We were not just a few minutes from sitting down to dinner with our Iowa guests, Troy and Lora Miller and their kids Isaac and Naomi. We did not race out of the house and leave them with: our kids, supper to finish getting on the table, getting the kids fed, and supper cleaned up. We did not arrive home to find them playing Uno in the very clean kitchen and even Alayna put to bed!! We are much better hosts than that!

I have not been putting off a monster post of all our visitors we have had this month! I know I need to get it done, I just can't seem to find the time! My business is not getting in the way of my blogging at all!

Paul and I did not meet with the printer last week to work out our business deal. I am not relieved to have that off my plate very soon! I am not glad that I will just be dealing with decorating the very fun containers and shipping them out. I have not sold over 70 of them now! I am not thankful to my loyal friends who believed in me!

Okay, that is all I can think of from the chaos of the week. I know there was much more humiliation, but that is all that comes to mind. I think temporary amnesia is a coping mechanism!! What do you not recall doing this week???


MOMSWEB said...

Tooo funny!

San said...

Haha! I'm going around reading Not Me! posts and I'm loving it! Makes me feel human! :) All the best, and I will be back here again! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a busy time you're having. And, the lobster/tourist color of you all. You are having way too much fun and entertaining marvelously. Also, Congratulations on the many sales of your project, awesome and wonderful. God is so good, as we already know, and this is over the top great. Having a printer will really free you up for other things. We are finally getting some Spring weather and the robins are fat and healthy. We love you all and send hugs and kisses.

G. & G. P.

Rikki said...

This post is wonderful. I love hearing these things--is that wrong?? :)

2Corinth1:4mom said...

See!! Getting hit with flying objects is EXACTLY why I don't play softball! I tried to catch a ball with my ear and failed miserably. I'm feeling your pain.

Richard and Becky said...

I did NOT laugh at you being lobsters from the beach excursion and wish we had that problem here! I am also NOT soooo excited for your business to take off! I also do NOT think you should get a massage this week to get rid of some stress ;0)

Anonymous said...

I am not feeling the least bit jealous that the Millers are there with you becoming lobsters instead of me. I do not feel the least bit of your pain at having misjudged a pop fly as I have always had superior athletic ability and prowess. I have never had the time of something wrong in my head and had to shoot out the door at the last minute. NOT me! BTW, I did not misunderstand when the Millers were coming down so that the stuff I have for you isn't still sitting in my desk at school. And I don't miss you at all.

erinannepro said...

Travis, I so enjoy keeping up with your blog. I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU too for your continued prayers and words of encouragement that you have given...this sure has been a journey with Sophia and Isaac and so often in the past few months especially I have seen the hand of God in so many things....HE has been so merciful and faithful and I have been completely humbled....hope things are going well in Florida. Praying for your family and the work you are all doing to serve HIM. Love, E

Lisa said...

So....where ARE the pictures of you guys as lobsters??? I think I'm going to need proof! I put a link to your blog on mine...I'm going to need your cleaning system but I'll wait until you are in a lull and not so busy with orders. :-)