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Monday, March 23, 2009

Really not me...

There will be no Not Me! Monday this week because MckMama (the creator of this crazy blog carnival) is at the hospital with baby Stellan and he is SICK. I am sure she is wishing this was not happening to her...a true Not me! Monday. He has gone into a bad heart rhythm sometime last night and the doctors are unable to get him to stay out of it. If you have ever followed her story, you remember she was told he would die in-utero because of this problem before birth and he was miraculously healed. He has been a healthy newborn until last night. Join me in prayer for baby Stellan.

Also, be in prayer for my friend Erin's twins born at 32 weeks gestation about a month ago. Sophia and Isaac have progressed since birth and Sophia has packed on the weight, but Isaac is struggling with a bowel problem and is now having problems keeping his blood sugar up. Pray for his complete healing and recovery as well. Also pray for his mom and dad Matthew and Erin and the twins' sisters Grace and Elizabeth as they try to get through this difficult time balancing the girls at home and the babies at the hospital as well as Matt's medical training. This is Erin holding Sophia and Matt with Isaac:And while I am at it, I would also ask you to join me in prayer for Julie and John Flesner. Julie was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer about 10 months ago. She has good and bad days, and could use your prayers for peace and comfort. Here is a picture of her with my friend Jeanie's new baby Tanner:
What a privilege we have to storm the Father's throne on behalf of our brothers and sisters! Prayer changes things, it changes our hearts and renews our hope! Our hope is in YOU Lord!


Anonymous said...

God Bless you with your committment to pray for those in need, especially at these times when children are ill. Prayers are so powerful, as you and I know. I will pray for these precious children and their families as well as your friend battling pancreatic cancer. God is our Great Physician and the healer of us all, according to His will. Thank you for the privilege of asking for prayer. They have begun. Gods' miracles never cease.

Blessings,love and prayers,
G. and P. P.

sara said...

You are so right, Travis, it is OUR privilege, as believers to Petition OUR GOD! How awesome is that?? And prayer moves mountains. God CAN and WILL heal our brothers & sisters and babies - in HIS way!!!!! I am always amazed at what He can do & WILL do when we ask & pray as if we already believed it has happened!

Perceys said...

It is awesome, humbling and precious to know that the King of the Universe hears our prayers and is sovereign in all situations. Thank you for being so faithful to the needs of others. You are a blessing!

Lisa said...

I have been following McMama's blog too. What are your thoughts on the SVT problem nurse Travis?? I hope he flips soon!