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Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I decided to go ahead with the Monday ritual because I think MckMama and Stellan would want it this way! Please continue to pray for Stellan and his family. He continues to have SVT (supraventricular tachycardia...a long word to say his heart is beating too fast) and it is starting to cause his heart to fail. He has an excellent team of doctors taking care of him and THOUSANDS of people praying for him, but more is more and God wants us to care for others and pray for them too, so I am asking you to continue to remember this family in your prayers. You can check his progress at his MckMama's blog.

At our softball game Friday night, Alayna and her friend Mary Katelyn did not play in a pile of sand/dirt/clay the entire game. They certainly were not covered in orange sand/clay/dirt! They are very sweet, proper and clean girls, so they definitely did not look like this:
THANK GOODNESS that Alayna was not wearing a white t-shirt and white pants! Thank goodness I didn't decide it wasn't worth arguing over her changing out of her jean shorts into the white jeans just as we were leaving for the game! WOW, it would be SO hard to get those white clothes clean! At least she wasn't wearing her Venice Christian School shirt that she is required to wear for all field trips including the one coming up on Monday! I was not THRILLED that she had chosen black socks!

Paul did not dump this much sand out of her shoes after she took them off (and I certainly did not take a picture of my trash and recycling cans):
These girls are not USUALLY quite the girly girls who hold hands
and play dress up and dance to Bella Dancerella!So this was not shocking behavior!! At least my boys were not covered in the orange stuff too...

I did not (no matter what my previous post says) take a picture of Camden's bear to make it look like he was puking in the trash can. What would this teach my daughter?? We did not think we were hilarious and giggle about it quite a bit, either!

I did not send the bear to a Tampa Bay Rays game with Holden and his friend Josh and have to totally trust them to make sure the bear got home safe. I didn't worry a second that Holden would leave him somewhere. My fears were not completely unfounded and the bear (and Holden) did not come home safe and intact from the spring training game in Port Charlotte! They did not have a fabulous time and you should not check for a post about it coming soon!

And the admission I am not the most unhappy to not report: I did not injure myself playing in the softball game Friday night TWICE! First, I did not get smacked in the head by the ball after I tried to tag the runner at second base before I caught the ball...just a few milliseconds too soon with the lowering of the glove to make the tag and the ball did not glance off the glove and then my head! Fortunately, my pride was the only major injury. I was not distracted for the next couple innings by the feel of the blood and fluid rushing to my head and the throbbing. I did not wonder if it was visible to others. I did not mildly freak out 30 minutes later when I got brave enough to check it out with my fingers to see how swollen it was only to find warm fluid starting to crust over. Thankfully, it was not just serosanguinous fluid (that is not medicalese for fluid minus the blood cells) and not blood and I was not glad that I wasn't cut. A few innings later, I did not tear a calf muscle. I did not have to be carried off the field because I couldn't put any weight on my right leg. I did not later discover that I could bear weight on my toes, so I could limp/walk (praise the Lord!!) Paul did not look up my injury on line and we did not discover that I had all the text book symptoms of the calf tear...except one. This doesn't usually happen to middle aged people. I did not say, "I reject that!" when I read that. I do not have to take 4-6 weeks off from running. I am not realizing how much I take my good health for granted...I am not humbled. I would not appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery!

Okay, I feel so much freer! What do you hate to admit??


Anonymous said...

Hey, mom, is it time to give up ball for awhile? You are such an energetic participant and all that we read blows us away. Just be careful and keep an eye on that ball, huh? I'm sure you're more upset that you must give up running for 4-6 weeks. Don't you hate it when we are reminded of the aging process? Like we don't know already that our bocy changes.
Thanks again for the great photos of the kids, Birdie, games, lots of sand and dancing dolls. We love checking in often.
Prayers are still going for all requests and we are privileged to offer them up.
Love and hugs to all,
G. & G. P.

2Corinth1:4mom said...

Oh no!! A calf tear!! Seriously?? That sounds painful. Are you on crutches - or rather should you be on crutches? I am so sorry. That makes a hit in the head seem like a piece of cake, huh? Wanna do some deep water running with me?

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you (not) that in two weeks we will officially be middle aged...not that we aren't already. :) I hope you are not healing well and enjoying the opportunity for others to wait on you hand and foot (or leg??). Hope you have a great Monday or not! Love you!

Rikki said...

I am so sorry to hear about the injuries!! I will definitely pray for speedy recovery. Love the white outfit covered in orange clay/dirt/sand (black socks are the icing!). :)

Stephanie said...

Wow, posting a lot today!! Hope you feel better soon! Alayna is hilarious with all the dirt! I've never seen her dirty before, she and Mollie would get along great, Mollie is always filthy, I give up on getting clothes clean anymore!

Marner Family said...

Great catching up ... cute Birdie photo! What a giggle! -b

Lynn Anderson said...

Two questions from the coach...did you warm up and did you keep your eye on the ball??? Just kidding.
We are praying for a quick recovery. We love ya.
Never give in!