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Monday, March 2, 2009

Recipes Round Up

I have officially taken the plunge off into being a junkie! An organizing junkie anyway! I found this blog at Laura Z's blog and loved it! The organizing junkie (also a Laura) has a monthly challenge to motivate people with their projects. The month of February was recipes. I desperately needed this one because my old filing system was never big enough for all my recipes and I had recipes all over the place. Finding them was not easy unless they were among the ones already filed. My previous system was 2 photo albums with my recipes slid into the photo slots. I loved this because they were arranged alphabetically, I was able to keep a piece of the person who gave me the recipe by keeping the card/scrap of paper in their handwriting! It is like a walk down memory lane to flip the pages! Unfortunately, I ran out of room and was only able to get A-R into the photo albums. I put off fixing the problem until I was in Big Lots (LOVE that place!) and saw the same style photo albums that I am currently using marked down to $10 for both packaged in a cute tote! Here they are in the cabinet just dying to get used. This is my before picture:
I dragged everything into the guest room (where the TV is) and vegged out watching nothing important while I pulled all the recipes out and alphabetized them. Here is what they looked like on the inside:
This is every recipe I have sorted into piles, all alphabetized and ready to go into a new home:
After filing them all and leaving space at the end of each letter for new recipes, I wrote the letters in that book on the outside so I wouldn't have to take them all out to find the right one:
I also wrote it on the spine (reminds me of kids have no idea what an encyclopedia is...thanks internet!), was able to get rid of the recipe box and have more room for the cookbooks I use regularly and my photo album/recipe binders. MUCH BETTER!


Jean Stockdale said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I just read your Not Me Monday post-unbeleiveable! You are living large and enjoying the joy that only Jesus brings. Apart from Him you could not write about your crazy life with such enthusiasm and joy!! Blessings.

sara said...

Isn't it liberating to have those recipes organized? I found my own system (sans any sentimental handwriting!) last year and I LOVE it, just love it!! of course, it could probably be tweaked and maybe you just inspired me. Maybe.

MillerFam said...

I can't believe you did this. My recipes are organized, but this goes above and beyond! What a good idea to put my wasted tv time to use.

The Novotny News said...

Oh my! I wish I had your motivation!! Maybe when we get back home!! I'll start with the kids' closets and then move to my recipes! Thanks for sharing!!

Alicia said...

Wow! I thought I was organized...but you've outorganized (is that a word?) me by a long shot! I put all my recipes in photo albums like that, but I haven't alphabetized them yet! They are in order by soup/salad, appetizer, main meal, dessert, etc.

Cindy and company said...

You are over-the-top! Way to go! I was crabbing to Tom that my own recipes are in desperate need of organinzing, but after seeing how much work it was to do what you did, I am completely satisfied with my messy, UNorganized system!

Anonymous said...

Nice!!! A little sad you did this without me. You really are growing up! You don't wait for me to do things like this anymore-- sniff!! :) See you later!!!