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Friday, February 27, 2009

Flashback Friday For My Honey

I LOVE this picture! It was taken at the airport as my friend Jennifer and I were leaving to join my sister in Europe for 3 weeks. In this picture are Jen's parents, my grandpa and his sister my Auntie D., my mom, me, Paul (he got all decked out to see me off), and Jen. I had just had surgery on my ankle and had this walking cast for most of the trip. It drew many stares! This picture does make me miss several people as they are no longer with us on this earth. Jen lost her dad to Multiple Myeloma a few years ago and my grandpa and aunt are both deceased as well. This photo brought a bittersweet smile to my face on many levels.
When I returned from my trip, my boyfriend at the time (Paul) presented me with a stack of love letters/poems he wrote (one for each day I was gone) and a room full of roses from my Auntie D's house. The room was filled with their beautiful fragrance! The flowers went all the way around the room:
Here is a side of my husband I bet most of you are not acquainted with:
Oh, he was a snazzy dresser too! Below, we are at a sorority dance. I was into straightening my hair for a while...after the perm and home coloring. It looked so healthy didn't it??? Paul doesn't seem to have changed though:
Posing for pics with Grandpa and Jo in historic Liberty, MO where we went to college.
If I remember right, we were doing some wedding planning here in front of the TV.
We had no idea what we were headed for, but God did! I am so thankful for a husband who is the leader of our family and who has made it a priority to be in the center of God's will for our family! I love you honey! You are a blessing to me!


Marner Family said...

Great photos! always fun to see someone elses flash backs ... see what they were like! Yes, Paul has not changed much at all, amazing! Love the looks! Thanks for the late morning giggles. -b

Anonymous said...

Funny how we forget (block out?) some of those bad fashion statements. :) What a sweet picture of everyone at the airport before you came over to join me in Europe. That is priceless. Paul definitely looks more like himself than you!! I love you anyway. And, you will be here in 4 days!!!

Kitti Klicks said...

So sweet! I love love stories :)

Anonymous said...

Photos, stories of a few years ago and traits of both you and Paul that are dear to my heart. BTW, does Paul still write poetry? It is a gift he has, however, I'm sure the writers' block has been busy due to his many distractions over the last serveral years. Thank you for sharing and blessing my day in viewing this great trip to the past.
God is awesome and continues to bless you in such mighty ways.

Much love and thankfulness to HIM,
Mom P.

Richard and Becky said...

Fun pics! Thanks for sharing! I pray God continues to build your marriage even stronger!

Stephanie said...

Keep posting Flashback Friday's, I absolutely love them!