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Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Ahhhh, glorious Monday. That day of refreshment and renewal that comes with confession. Not your usual idea of Monday morning?? Then you need to give it a try! Click over to MckMama's site to see the rules for this blog carnival and join in on being brutally honest and living to tell about it! Since we have had friends from Iowa visiting, we have been on our very best behavior, but a few not me's have slipped in usual! Here goes:

Amy and I did not have a 15 minute discussion about puking and what were the worst foods to puke back up. We did not come to the immediate agreement that tacos were not the worst (coincidentally tacos were not served for lunch just before our conversation and Amy was not sick with the stomach flu).

During our first marriage conference here in Florida, I did not mention (during my talk, in front of 40 people) that my husband "...gets soft and jiggly on the inside." The entire room did not erupt in laughter at his expense and he did not begin immediately to do abdominal crunches to help the "jiggling". It is not amazing what comes out of your mouth when you leave it to chance! I do not usually read from my script, and did not leave it to make a point and end up saying something silly. Not me!

I did not (many times) this weekend wish God would ask someone else to be transparent. I did not finally look around at the people who came from Iowa (over 1,000 miles) to be transparent and greatly appreciate them!

I did not spend Valentines dinner at a pizza place with 15 other people. We did not make a spectacle of ourselves taking pictures of our group in the middle of the restaurant. BUT, if we did, here would be some of the photos of our photo session:We were not completely blessed by the Widmers who came just to be helpers to us during the conference. We were not completely blown away by their generosity: watching all the kids during the conference, taking us out to dinner after the conference, sending us on a date on Sunday night, taking the kids to the beach for the sunset, then to McDonalds for dinner, completely spoiling them rotten with happy meals and something to drink besides water at a restaurant!!

Paul did not razz Brooks about the car he was driving (his mom's by the way). Brooks' response was not, "Well, at least you don't have a camera!" WRONG!! The flower was not decorating the steering wheel...that's all I am gonna say about that...

There will be more to come about our wonderful visit with our Iowa friends, but I will wrap this up here! Have a blessed Monday...what have you not been up to???


Amanda said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I'll have to go read the rest of your blog now to catch up!

Many blessings-

MillerFam said...

I'm glad that you had fun with visitors from up north! We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

didn't think of you many times this weekend and pray that all would go well. also not wondering how you will do when all the folks from home return tomorrow... not thinking I will call to cry with you. Not counting the days until you come (15)
love you! jo

Cindy and company said...

Aren't the Widmers wonderful!!!? We miss them so much. Great pic of Brooks! That could come in handy in the future!

Lauren said...

great post.

the white bug is precious!

Richard and Becky said...

What great pictures! Sounds like you didn't have fun at all!!!