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Monday, December 1, 2008

Not me! brief

Oh, life is kicking up into a chaotic ROAR!! We hosted family for Thanksgiving and have been dragging Paul's parents all over this town and enjoying the sites and ocean and the fresh oranges and grapefruit that are ripe now! We had a wonderful week and I don't have time now to go into many details, I have a Not me! Monday post to write! Click over to MckMama's site to see what the rules are and consider joining in the confessions, or just read a bunch of other ladies' confessions from the week. With all the baking and entertaining this week, I'll bet there are some great laughs out there! I am going to keep it brief, just the couple things that stuck out in my mind:
My son did not tell me that my hair and jacket looked like Willy Wonka's (I did not think I was having a good hair day!).
Gabe and Riley did not pick tons of grapefruit and oranges and sell them at the beach while we waited for a gorgeous sunset. They did not make almost $20 each! They were not excited about that either!!

Riley harvesting from the orange tree.

Catching the sunset

We did not finally get to taste the orange ice cream from the orange grove down the road that EVERYONE raves about! It was not fabulous. It did not take me the rest of the night to warm up from the frozen treat eaten outside without a jacket on. I did not bowl the WORST game of my life (score omitted purposely), but feel slightly better when I bowled 2 strikes in a row on the 10th frame. I did not wish to myself several times that we had asked for bumpers on the adult lane as well as the kids!

That's all I have time for today. So, seriously for just a moment: I am packing for Alayna and I to travel back to Iowa tomorrow! I hope to be able to see some of you later in the week. Tuesday and Wednesday are tied up, but Thursday and Friday are wide open and I am planning to go help decorate for Christmas at Grace Saturday morning and would love to see LOTS of you there!!! That could be so fun! Praying for no ice storm this year!!
By the way, just to clarify last week's post, I said I didn't do all of those things I did do in the Not me! spirit, then I talked about a few things I did do (running 5 miles every day), but was still in the not me spirit, so I really DIDN'T do those things...some of you were really impressed and I have felt guilty all week!!! NOW I am sure you are really work here is done!!! Can't wait to hear what you're NOT up to!


Lisa said...

Oh that ice cream sounds quite yummy!! Fresh grapefruits and oranges...oh, what I wouldn't give for some of those!!

Marner Family said...

You should bring those Grapefruits and Oranges Back to Iowa ... they could make some money from us for sure. We missed the FFA order this year again. Grapefruit sounds so good, too. Might have to make a run to Stringtown for some now.

Glad you could spend Thanksgiving with Family. -b

Spear Family said...

Have a fabulous time back in Iowa. Sounds like your week was full of family, what a blessing. It makes us remember how alone we all would be without friends and family. Can't wait to see pics of your trip,Enjoy! Anissa

sweetander said...

Call when you're in town!! We'd love to hang out - Friday??

sweetander said...

Call when you're in town!! We'd love to hang out - Friday??

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog. The photos are perfect and the sunset is awesome. The whole week was such a huge blessing and one that we hold dear to our hearts. We are so thankful to have seen where you live and more of what you are doing to minister to others. Thank you for everything and hugs and kisses to all. You do such a fantastic job of blogging and puts me in awe of your cyberspace expertise.
Blessing, love and hugs,
G. and P. P.