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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Cami tagged me a couple days ago, so here goes:

8 TV shows I like to watch (good thing this says like to watch, and not that I actually do watch them, because I would have a blank list) or alternately titled 8 TV shows I WOULD like to watch:

1. Survivor...haven't watched it for the past 5 years or so, but would love to
2. Top Chef...again, haven't watched it for a couple years
3.Project Runway, used to watch this one on Wednesday nights when all the boys went to AWANA and Alayna and I stayed home...several years ago
4. Mystery Diagnosis, I do manage to catch this one late at night once in a blue moon
5. Deliver Me: would like to see this one, see it advertised occasionally on the Discovery Health channel, but haven't caught it yet
6. Fox News, do actually catch this as I am putting on make up/fixing hair occasionally, except had it on more before the elections
7. Biggest Loser, saw 15 minutes of one episode...intriguing
8. FOOTBALL, mostly Kansas City Chiefs. I actually missed the 2nd of 2 games I will be able to see them play this year when they played Miami because we had company for lunch and the afternoon and we had such fun I forgot the game was on. Thanks Perceys!

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. HuHot (haven't found one here)
2. Texas Roadhouse (haven't found one here):o(
3. Thai Moon in CR or Thai Bistro in Venice
4. Mondos
5. 3 Samuari (hope to find something comparable here!)
6. Taco Bell (can you say Value Menu??)
7. Cheesecake Factory (surely there is one in Tampa)
8. Sonic (Steph, I still have some credit left on my gift card!!)

8 Things that happened today:
1. Washed the van (okay, Paul did this)
2. Went to church
3. Cooked chicken, veggies and steak on the grill with our company (okay, who am I kidding, Paul did this too) and ate outside on the lanai while Alayna swam in the FREEZING pool

4. Cleaned pine needles off the roof and cage over the pool (Gabe did this...geeesh, what did I do???)
5. Moved the new (to us) washer and dryer into the laundry room and hooked them up (I helped!) finishing a load right now!!
6. Went to a neighborhood near us to look at their Christmas light display

7. Invited people to the Christmas Eve service at church
8. Played pacman on the computer (wow, this was fun, everyone was rooting for the person playing...we are really terrible at this game)

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. My sister and mom coming TOMORROW!
2. Watching Paul keep his word about swimming on Christmas day (the water in the pool is about 60 degrees, and the ocean is about the same)
3. Finally knowing how tall my kids will get and what they will look like grown up
4. My kids acting like grown ups (without any intervention from me)
5. Exacting revenge on my children for all the damage they have done to my house (sometimes this thought is the only thing that gets me through another unflushed toilet with a floater during a Christmas party at our home)
6. Visitors from Iowa
7. Learning to take beautiful pictures
8. Jesus coming back to reign and take His people to Glory!!

8 Things on my Wish list:
1. Children who are Christ followers
2. To always be close to my children and their families (ditto Cami)
3. To grow very old with my dear husband who has promised I can "go" first!
4. Travel to many places and see many things! (ditto again, Cami)
5. To be in a financial place that I can bless others
6. New running shoes
7. Dimple free thighs, hence the need for new running shoes---geesh, this is getting hard
8. For my project to be marketed and sold so that there is one in every home!

8 People to tag:

1. Athena
2. Vicki
3. Stephanie
4. Missy
5. Marcie
6. Deb P
7. JoDee
8. Kim A.

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