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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its starting to look like Christmas and the bunk beds bite the dust!

Saturday was a fun day! Besides all the usual chores, we decided we finally were going to drag out the Christmas decor and bring the season to our home inside and out. The kids were so excited. Here is what we accomplished: Alayna donned her Florida Christmas decorating attire (thanks Sarah, she looks adorable in this!)

Notice our one and only Christmas tree on the front porch (on the right, sort of blending into the garland hanging from around the door)?

This year our stockings are hanging under the bannisters, no fireplace, nowhere for stockings!! The doorway to the hall from the den to the front door

We had a helper that followed Paul up to the garage and then got spooked by all the people gathering to check him out:

In the middle of the chaos that is Christmas decorating with 3 kids (Gabe was at a youth group retreat all weekend...his first!) and 2 perfectionists, we were doing the weekly sheet washing and bed remaking. I was getting so tired of watching the boys struggle to make their beds that were bunked. Last week I helped them both by pulling the bunk beds out from the wall and tucking in one side of their covers in tightly hoping they would remain that way and they would just have the one side to pull up in the morning. That didn't work out either and I was pulling my hair out! So, we decided to see if we could fit the beds in the room next to each other. Here is what they loked like before. Lots of floor space on one side of the room
And the beds stacked up and against the wall on the other side of the room.

And now, they sit side by side and each boy can get all the way around both sides of the bed to make it! Yeah, no excuses now!

Talking about these boys reminds me of 2 boys that need prayers tonight. Dawson Grady (my friend Athena's son) is sick with a fever and is hospitalized. The doctors have not been able to make a diagnosis as to the cause of the fever, but bacterial meningitis is ruled out at this point. Please pray the doctors have wisdom and figure out what is making sweet Dawson so sick and that they treat him appropriately. Pray for patience and courage for his mom and dad, brother and sister as they weather this storm together. May they be an encouragement to each other.

The other boy that could use your prayers is my friend Eva's dad. He has fallen ill and is not expected to live through the night. He has suffered with a neuromuscular disease for the last couple years and his health has deteriorated. I was given the priviledge to meet him and his lovely wife when they were staying with Eva and really enjoyed getting to know them. They have sweet hearts for the Lord. Pray for peace for them and their family. God is our perfect comforter.


Araceli said...

Your home is as beautiful from outside as it is from inside, I just love it's decoration.

Anonymous said...

All of the effort, climbing, pulling out hair and perserverance has paid off. Your home is decorated beautifully for Christmas. The outside is very welcoming, as I'm sure Gabe was blessed with upon his return home last night from the retreat. JOB WELL DONE. Also, I am so happy for everyone that the bunk beds have a new place in the boys room.
I had wondered about that when we were there and remembered Paul's bed when it was against the wall. Just makes things more difficult. A relief to Mom and the boys, I'm sure.

Your friends are in our prayers as all of you remain. Happy Baking.
Love to all,
G. & P. P.