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Monday, December 8, 2008

Not me! Monday

Oh, yes, here we go again...something to look forward to about Monday, my new favorite day of the week! Thanks MckMama for starting this crazy carnival of denial. Visit her blog to read about 300 other ladies' backwards truth telling too! Here goes:
I did not visit Iowa last week. Who in their right mind would visit Iowa in December??!? Thankfully, it was warm and balmy then entire time we were not there…good thing too because I did not accidentally forget my coat in the van because Holden was not using it as a blanket on the way to the airport. I also did not accidentally take my mom’s coat (that I was not borrowing) home with me to Florida because I forgot to take it off when we arrived at the airport. I did not forget to take off the coat because we did not get lost on the way to the airport, and I did not arrive a few minutes later than I would have liked. I know how to get to the airport, I would not get lost on the way there! There are many helpful signs from the interstate directing you to the airport, so getting lost was not easy to do!

My daughter did not puke in her grammy’s car on Wednesday. She did not blame it on the movie we just came from seeing and how long it was. We did not proceed with plans to eat at my favorite Thai restaurant because we weren’t certain if she was sick or ate too much movie popcorn. We did not just happen to have 2 changes of clothes in the car from our shopping spree before the movie. Thank goodness she did not puke again in the restaurant! Boy, that would have been embarrassing! We did not take our food to go since we had not already ordered. She did not end up puking on both changes of clothes by the time we got her home. We did not do a celebratory dance when we discovered by some miracle, no puke got on grammy’s car. I did not allow her to sleep with me and then stay awake until after 2 am to be sure she puked in the designated puke pan (not the same one I puked in when I was a sick little girl), and not on Grammy’s bed. I did not force her to sit up and shove her head over the pan every time she made a tiny wimper. I was not relieved when the puking finally stopped. I was not stunned when she puked in the car again the next day after we were sure she was over it. We did not buy her another shirt at Walmart (she puked on the way there) so she would have something to wear home. In the middle of puking again, she did not exclaim, “I’m puking corn!!” (Sorry if that’s TMI, I thought it was hilarious!!)

Finally, I am NOT heartbroken to report that my camera LCD display is not broken. It does not display a white light and a shattered image in spite of the outside looking pristine and the fact that it never got dropped or misused. I have not contacted Cannon since we did not just buy this camera 6 months ago. I do not hope to hear from them soon to see if I can get it replaced. I do not think its crazy to ask for prayer for a camera, and I am not asking anyway! If you have looked at my blog at all, you will know that I do not love to post pictures of my kids and document what we are doing for our friends and family back at home and a working camera is not a must!! We do not need a miracle! I did not hear from Cannon already!! I am not going to have to mail it in to see if its covered under warranty. Thank goodness I don't have to do that because I will surely die without a camera for 2 weeks!! What would a blog post look like without pictures??? A lot like this one I guess!
Okay, give it up, what did you not do last week???


Stephanie said...

What a time to be sick! Hopefully she's all better now and it sounds like she didn't puke on the plane which really would not have been good! I'm anxious to hear about your trip, I called you on the cell Wed. I think but I wonder if you have a new cell no. that I don't have. Hope you had a wonderful visit in spite of everything.

Richard and Becky said...

Love it Travis! I did not laugh the entire time I read your post and totally sympathize with your puking reflexes and feel normal that I also do that. I am also not jealous that you were able to visit Iowa again.

I hope no one else gets sick!

Lisa said...

Nurse/mom Travis to the rescue! I didn't laugh hysterically at the puking corn comment. How appropriate since you were in Iowa afterall :-) What a bummer she was sick. MUST get the camera fixed! Whats a blog without pictures? Especially to show us all how beautiful and warm Florida is...especially since it's snowing here in Missouri today! BRRRRRR!! Want to bet we have our first snow day tomorrow??