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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wrapping it, not the presents!

I have realized that I have left some loose ends out there for a while. I will attempt to address them today.

From a long time ago, (so long ago that most of you have forgotten to feel like I left a loose end), I did get all the paperwork confirming my Nurse Practitioner liscensure in Florida! I have not needed it yet, but this will help when I am ready to look for a job, or if any of us is sick and needs something besides what we have on hand!

Also, we were able to stand firm about our rent and its conditions, and we will be staying with no changes made to our previous lease (except the fact that I can NOT paint...wonder what that's about...). This was an answered prayer!

The things we could not fit on our moving truck arrived here in Florida (via our fabulous neighbors the Andersons' parents)! Alayna has already put the wagon from Paul's childhood to use as a desk:

and I have plans to paint the twin picket fence headboard (that used to serve as a coat rack in our garage and was navy blue with white stars) white or lavender to resume its use as a headboard! YEAH! She currently has no headboard!

I found a fun container for my housecleaning system! It was a gift and I am trying to find out where it came from to see if I can get more!! Doesn't that make you want to see what's inside??

You can see the numbers representing the days of the month and the chore cards behind them. None can be seen in the front because they are completed and moved back to the appropriate spots. Because of this, my house is spring clean...all year round!! I put Gabe to work dusting all the ceiling fans yesterday...often they participate more than I do...hey, I thought of it first and I'm the boss!!

My official copyright for this system arrived this week...along with a solicitation from a record label for my lyrics. I was asked to send them 3 or 4 of my best songs and they would see if they were worthy of being produced...anyone got anything for them??? I am sure they got my info from the copyright office in Washington DC, so I am hoping a publisher would get the same info and ask me if they can publish my work. But, so far nada...just you people, my word of mouth. Seriously, what better Christmas gift could a woman/mom/bachelor want than the gift of a clean house year round for 15 min (average) work/day??? Every home should have one of these babies!
And, I know you are all dying to know if I have my Christmas decorations up. The answer to that is, "No." We still are having a hard time getting into the spirit when the weather is warm enough to eat outside (actually on the screened in lanai) at a Christmas party:
And, I can't find any of our Christmas trees...anyone know anything about those? The kids each had their own in their rooms and they are MIA...did I get rid of them at the last minute?

Finally, the bad news. I am pretty sure I am out of luck on the camera. As you can see, it still works, but the screen doesn't and so it is almost worthless. I took it into a camera store to get their opinion as to whether it would be covered by warranty, and they said not likely. He was just certain I dropped it or smashed it somehow. I just know that didn't happen, the camera was tucked safely into my purse the entire time and the purse wasn't dropped. What is the use having a camera you can't take anywhere because it might break in your purse????!? Okay, I think my frustration is clear. I am going to try to send it in this week and write a sad sob story to the company about how dear this camera is to my heart and how well I treat it and pray they will realize it wasn't sturdy enough and replace it. Pray with me!


2Corinth1:4mom said...

Have I got a deal for you... You might want to paint a house, but can't. I have a house that can be painted, but I'm not good at it. So... you could paint my house! Ooooooooh, that's perfect!


Christine said...

Hey, I have loved the cleaning system thing ever since you taked about at convention. I would love to have one, how much could I pay you to make me one?

JoD said...

That is a sad, sad story. sniff. I hope they will fix it or I might actually lose yet another camera to you!! HA! Actually you could have this one; I am not very happy with it. Counting down the days!
love you!

Porters said...

Randy and I literally stumbled upon finding your blog! How crazy is that?! We are enjoying reading through it and we are one of your followers now! You'll have to check out our blog too!
Randy & Jane Porter

Stephanie said...

What a great idea! I've seen those card files at scrapbook stores but I bet you could find them online much cheaper, especially in bulk. How exciting for you and it's adorable. Yes it does make me want to look inside! Sounds like it was a good week. Congrats!

Cindy and company said...

the same thing happened to our digital Cannon. I ended up having to buy another one. You'd think something that is almost $300 would last, but nope, and the company was not sympathetic. Sorry. But God is bigger than that and I will pray for a new one for you.

We have some MIA items from our move too. I hate that. I will forever wonder about those things. Sorry it was the trees. that's a bummer.

The Homemaker's Resource said...

Ok, so I am pretty much DYING to buy one of your housecleaning systems!!!! Any chance you might be willing to make one to sell before your big deal comes through????? Pretty Please? :-) Seriously, I need TONS of help when it comes to housecleaning....ask Alex ;-)

Lisa said...

I was wondering if you were going to get to stay at the house or have to move. I am so glad you get to stay! Bummer you can't find your trees. I am sure it's hard to get into the spirit with it being so warm. Shall I mention again that I still have snow on the ground today?? I just hate being so cold. BRRR!

Marcie Ciha said...

The housecleaning there any way you can come and help too? Just to make sure I'm doing things right hehe I need all the supervision I can get. Although I must say cleaning the ceiling fans isn't even on MY list. I have to find the dining room table first so I can find the list!

Perceys said...

Merry Christmas Pracher family and guests! We hope you are having a blessed day. Travis, I now realize how much work it takes to have a blog that looks as great as yours! You set the bar very high. I like the photos of your cleaning system. Hmmm, if I help market those, will I put myself out of business? I will have to figure out a way to coordinate my services with your product! Talk to you all soon. The Perceys