Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Festivities...Florida style (WARNING: there may be some offensive content for those who are enduring subzero temperatures this Christmas!!)

Christmas Day was a day to celebrate! We started the day with the Apple/bacon coffeecake that we stayed up WAY too late making:

It was really amazing, but I had to take a picture because we will likely never make it again! It was a lot of work! One piece was about all you could eat, and all you needed too! Next, we opened gifts. Paul was very excited about his new white t-shirts! He also got a John MacArthur study Bible (ESV translation), and I don't know who will enjoy it more, he or I!
Each of the kids got a flashlight! Sometimes they are so easy to please!
Riley didn't have a single pair of long pants for school! Now he has three! Thanks Grammy and Papa Prachar! Holden's favorite gift was a dragon that grows when placed in water...he's still growing...will have to keep you posted regarding how much he grows! Thanks Grammy!
I was so excited to give this gift. I made a book for my mom and sister with pictures of our family and a story about waiting until we are all living in the same state again. They work was complete!
Alayna still loves teddy bears!
After the gifts were opened, Paul and Tim headed out to change the brakes on the van. Doesn't everyone do their car repair on Christmas Day??? No??? Oh! The absence of loud, often rhythmic squeaking was quite a gift! Thanks Honey...and Tim!
Alayna quickly tried out her baking set and brought us all cookies by the pool:
Where we were preparing for our promised dip. Ready!
No going back now!!
We held hands to make sure neither backed out!
WOW!! It was cold!
Alayna was inspired and wanted to go in as well:

Then, Tim's turn:

The polar bear club:
Then, it was time to get serious and get things ready for Christmas Dinner. Kate, Dan, and Jack joined us for dinner on the lanai again. It was warmer today than it was at Thanksgiving. We have had absolutely gorgeous weather since Jo and Mom got here with the exception of Monday when it was in the 60's. The high was in the low 80's, cooling down to the 60's at night. It was a little humid until it rained in the evening and then that improved too.

Our kids love Jack and he is so patient with them!
We rounded out the day by cleaning up (there was a lot of that to do, but there were lots of hands to help and it went quickly) and watching a movie. The kids slipped into sugar comas early!
We discussed the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. This was what each child said:
Gabriel: "Jesus was born, He came to save us."
Riley: "We celebrate Christmas because Jesus was born. Most people don't know that he was born to come into America to save us...or the Earth!"
Holden: "Because Jesus was born on that day. Its the day people give things to other people because its nice to other people and its also nice for other countries too."
Alayna:"Because Jesus was born and that's all I know!" And donkeys came to where Jesus is. That's about Christmas!"
Well, I think we got our message across! I love it, you just can't make this stuff up! Our family is praying for each of you for a blessed time celebrating and remembering our Savior.


Lisa said...

I obviously didn't take your warning seriously as I am totally jealous of the fact that I see people in shorts!! I did have to laugh at the pics of of the polar bear did look a little bit cold. You are a brave one! Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas!

诈金花 said...

See you in these things, I think, I started feeling good!
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