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Monday, December 15, 2008

Not me! Monday

Life is getting almost too busy to keep up with this carnival of denial...but I just can't resist participating again! Click over to MckMama's site to see what several hundred others are denying they did. Its always good for a laugh!

I did NOT cry like a baby to see our friends Bill and Sara in China WITH their daughter on their blog just a few minutes ago. Their story is a heart wrenching documentation of God's faithfulness and their patience and obedience to His calling in their lives. We miss them terribly and are SO excited their dream of a daughter is coming true as I type! Do NOT check out their story at You will NOT be blessed!

Mya Jian

Bill and Mya (can you just hear the giggles???)

Sara (in purple) and Mya

I did not notice this on our tree as we pulled into our driveway tonight:

I did not freak out about anyone getting close to it because I was certain it was poisonous. I did NOT freak out thinking about all the time I spent in the yard and in the bushes yesterday putting up the Christmas decorations. I did NOT email a picture of it to our friend Tim (who should have been a zoologist) so he could tell us what it was. I was not relieved to hear it was not poisonous, and did not freak out again to hear that it is a constrictor. It is not called a "corn snake". Hey, how did he know we were from Iowa????
I did not ignore a request from Alayna's preschool teachers for home baked cookies. They did not say the 2 preK teachers would just do all the baking over the weekend if no one stepped up and did it. I did not decide my week was too full already and feel so relieved they offered to do it. I am sure they LIVE to bake all weekend...
I did not go to a Christmas party this week with a White Elephant exchange and draw the #1, open a gift and then when my turn came to choose any gift in the room, keep my original gift!! I did not love my flower candy dish!
I did not send my oldest away on his first youth group overnight. No, definitely not, because that would mean that I am old enough to have a middle schooler and a kid who went to youth group overnights...and that would make me old...and I am NOT I am not!!
I did not underestimate the number of Christmas cards we would need by 85. I do not now have to go get more and probably pay more for 1 hour service. Who would do that?? Not me!
I did not nearly cry when the Chiefs missed a 4th quarter field goal that would have clinched the game against conference rival San Diego. It was not their hundredth loss this season...oh, and I do not exaggerate!
I not excited for my friend Natasha who is having her baby today! Boy or girl????
Okay, that is all there is time assured, I have embarrassed myself over many more things this week, but I must get some rest. What have you NOT been up to?


Cindy and company said...

I love to 'tune in' for not me monday. Isn't Mya Jian a miracle! Oh our God is good! Have you heard back from the camera company?

JoD said...

So did you really not bake for Alayna?? You are slipping from contention for the Greatest Mom of the Year you know. One more week until we will NOT be there!!! :) love you!

MamaBear said...

Our Children's Museum has a corn snake they get out for the kids to touch. Notice I said kids. I would have fainted if I saw that in my yard!

I messed up our card order too. Thinking I would save money and order less, I ended up paying more for not as nice cards later on.

Is it just me or are people sending them out later this year?