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Monday, November 24, 2008

Not me! Monday

Oh dear, I have really lost my touch now. I completely forgotten about Not Me! Monday...or should I say that I did NOT completely forget about it!?! MckMama did not though, and she's got it going again. Click over to her blog to check out lots of other's embarrassing moments! Its loads of fun and an easy way to completely waste several hours of what would otherwise be productive time...not that I would ever do that! Not me!

We did not spend over 3 hours in the ER Friday night waiting for stitches. FOUR medical professionals did not come in, ask for the story, look at the wound and declare that he needed stitches and then walk out. The fifth did not FINALLY get the supplies and actually put in the stitches! Thanks Mitchell!

I did not have to spend 4 hours around food for 2 of my kids "Thanksgiving Feasts" as school on a day I had set aside for fasting. It was not SO HARD to resist the rolls and frosted sugar cookies (not 2 of my VERY favorite foods)!!

Riley did not make a very pretty centerpiece for his craft at his feast out of plant life from around the school grounds:
Alayna did not dress up like an Indian in her handmade costume and sing an adorable song at her feast...or make a cute turkey out of her hand tracing

I did not forget that the horse in this picture is deathly afraid of camera flashes and that you should turn off the flash if you want to take his picture so that the kids around him don't get trampled or bucked off...good thing my flash didn't go off when I took this picture of Riley brushing him and completely loving being in the country for a bon fire last night!
I was not so sad that I took my camera in the house when we ate and then forgot to take any more pictures of our fire and friends. Alayna was not so exhausted when we got home that she fell asleep in her closet on the floor holding her magic wand! I am so glad her closet was perfectly clean so I could take a picture of her without worrying about people seeing her messy closet...

We are not all so excited about having an entire week off school! We are not planning on sleeping in, not even once! Or cleaning, or getting things around here better organized...because that is not what my helpers are for!

And, in light of the upcoming holidays and thinking about the holiday pounds so many of us put on, I ran every day this week, I am up to that five mile mark, handling that with ease! I had plenty of time to prepare nutritious meals all week with low calories and fat! We did not eat out at all this week, after all, we are on a tight budget! I certainly didn't make my children eat Cheap Cheap Cheeseburgers at the Rendezvous Cafe (they are not $1.50 between 2-4 pm, served with onion rings, fries, or soup!!) I also didn't make them eat dinner at just before 4 pm to get in on the special! Paul, Gabe, and I also didn't eat Taco Bell in the van the night before because we spent the evening in the ER instead of eating a nutritious dinner. This was not a complete violation of our no eating in the van rule either! Good thing there is no evidence that the three of us broke that rule, so the other kids will never find out...Okay, your turn, what did you NOT do this week? Sara, I can't wait to hear what you've NOT been up to, you always make me laugh!


Richard and Becky said...

You had me worried when you posted so late! I love the ransom pics of eating in the car! You are my hero, running all week, fasting, etc! Hope you have a less eventful week ( no ER trips).

LucieP said...

you missed one-
I did not make the PA take a pic just so I could put it on my blog!

HAHAHA! Love it!!!

Hope your babe is feeling I want some Taco Bell!

Stephanie said...

Quite an eventful week! How do you find time to cram in 35 miles of running?! You are so more disciplined than me!! I don't think I could run 5 feet without having an asthma attack and that's more story and I'm sticking to it!! P.S. when did Gabe get so grown up looking?

JoD said...

I'm not sad I'm not there to enjoy the week off school. I'm also not very grateful for my three days off. I am definitely not counting down until you get here!!!
love you,

cindy said...

Hi Travis,

It sure has been fun keeping up with your "not me Mondays" they are hillarious. Your sons shin did not look so fun.

Hey it sounds like you are coming to iowa in december. I don't know when. Your name keeps coming to mind. Our MOPS group is in need of another speaker for our MOPS tea and testimony. It is December 11th in Kaona. Your name just keeps coming to my mind, so I thoght I would try. We had a speaker unable to make it. We have one sharing about her families mission work. You could share about how you were led to missions.You have an array of subjects that you could speak on. I would personally love hearing you speak about your marriage. Maybe the change in your marriage in what led you and paul to missions.

I don't know what the chances are of you coming over the 11th and being able to speak but I'm praying that it works.

Good to see you in Dallas.

Cindy Bontrager