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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My civic duty has been performed

Alayna and I went to vote. We heard about long lines, so we went prepared. Paul had voted before work around 7 am and had a 45 minute wait, so we packed snacks, water and my borrowed iPod just to be sure she didn't make me crazy! I didn't really know what to expect since this is our first time voting here and we have voted absentee for the past several elections. We drove all of about 3 minutes to our polling place (a clubhouse in a local retirement community that was quite lovely!) and found a place to park easily. We were quickly greeted by one of the Candidates running for Congress, who I was not voting for, but who was extremely nice and did not try to run a commercial in person for us or detain us in any way, just commented on my cute little voter as we went on by. We went straight in, signed the signature line, practiced filling in an oval (I'm glad I didn't flunk that, since upon approval, I was given a ballot!). I would have loved to document this entire process for you, but no cameras were allowed and I even had to turn off my cell phone! The thought went through my head that this was very biased against bloggers...but anyway, I got my ballot, filled it out, was given my "I voted" sticker and enough for all my kids and was out the door. I was back to my house in 20 minutes flat, door to door! We didn't have time to eat our snacks or even take a sip of water! Well, actually, Alayna got half of her candy bracelet eaten while I was voting. This was all she had left:

And proudly displaying her sticker!
Now, the waiting game begins! Its going to be a long evening!!


CihaPet said...

So, no hanging chads, eh? :-)

I got to the Rec Center in North Liberty some time around 6:45a and was out the door by 7:25a.

If you go at the right times, it ain't bad at all.

Lisa said...

Yes...I voted too! I'm feeling a blog myself! Can't wait to watch the returns tonight as well :-) I'll be glad when the phone calls stop...someone just came to my door to see if I've voted! I had my sticker on!

Stephanie said...

It took Mollie and I all of 3 minutes from the time we walked in until we went to eat chili! All of Lexington and and rural Lexington vote at our church and we always have a chili supper fundraiser. Smart, huh? I actually about cried when I got done voting. I have a bad feeling about the outcome and hate the thought of the direction our Country may take. Keep praying that the Lord hasn't turned us over to our wicked ways just yet!

Marcie said...

You know more people would vote if they would give each of us candy bracelets! The girls want to vote too. I didn't ask who they would vote for but now I am curious.

Richard and Becky said...

You had me laughing with the insensitive to bloggers comments! Glad you didn't have to wait long.