Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bye-Bye Baseball

Today was Riley's last baseball game. We all enjoyed it a lot and our seat cushions we used to use only once a year when we went to Michigan for the NASCAR race have seen lots more action! It was really fun to cheer him on together as a family and root for his team. We have lovingly called them the Bad News Bears for the last few games...they haven't won very many games, but they all had fun. Their coaches were very laid back and fun loving and each boy enjoyed the experience, got to pitch if they wanted, and got lots of experience with counting blades of grass in the outfield and clumps of red dirt in the infield. They were so cute! Riley just corrected me by saying, "I'm not cute, Mom!". Okay, they were adorable. "That's not better!" is the reply to that statement...oh well, we'll have to settle for mom's take on the situation!
Riley pitching

Fully garbed!

The coaches

The team. Way to go Golden Eagles!


sara said...

It is always fun when it is over!

sara said...

Did I just say that???

Cindy and company said...

Way to go Riley! Congratulations on completing your season. I am sure you had a blast! I loved to watch Thomas play. I thought he was 'cute' too. I guess that is just a mom thing.

CihaPet said...

It is refreshing to hear that the emphasis was on FUN and not winning...

Anonymous said...

What a fun time and great experience for the whole family. Also, that "handsome" pitcher,catcher, and fully garbed player is pretty cool. A wonderful time for precious memories. Also, the Halloween party looked fun with the kids wearing themselves out for the night. Love to all and we'll see you soon.

Love and hugs,
Grammy and Papa