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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday Fright Night

If you are privy to Gabriel's blog, you will note a post from today with the same title. I am going to blog about the same thing, but with fewer graphic pictures (many of you will be happy to know). Hey, its his blog and he wanted the pictures on there. . .Anyway, trying to keep this short and sweet (do I ever manage that???), Gabe had an accident tonight. He fell off Riley's top bunk, striking his shin on the dresser on the way down and took off the entire thickness of skin, tucking it neatly inside the top of the wound. It bled surprisingly little and Gabe was more crying because everyone was upset. Holden and Alayna were both crying, so sad to see their brother hurt. He kept saying he was sorry for getting hurt. So sweet! It was about 5:30, so all offices were closed, so we spent a significant amount of time trying to find an Urgent Care. Unfortunately, we didn't know the name of any of them and they weren't neatly filed under "Urgent Care" in the yellow pages. We ended up taking him to a Fast Track ER in Sarasota. I should have placed "Fast" in quotes above because they were anything but fast! Gabe had to tell his story 4 times, each person declaring after looking at his leg that "He needs stitches!" Um, yes, that is why we are here! Finally, the 5th person who came in, asked for the story, looked at the leg and declared the need for stitches also said, I'll go get my stuff to do it! That only took 2 hours! Ahhhh, we have been spoiled by the lack of need to go to the ER lately! Mitchell put in 19 stitches and was a very kind PA who was obviously very gifted for this type of work. He was very kind to Gabriel and even let us take pictures whenever we wanted. We were out of there just after 10 pm. Off to Taco Bell since we all missed dinner. That was a yummy treat! We thank God for Kate and Jack May who came to stay with the kids so Paul and I could both go with Gabe. Kate's husband Dan is out of town and she and her son Jack had great plans to hang out together, watch a movie and finish up laundry. All spoiled by the accident. They came to our rescue and brought their movie (Wall-E) to our house to share. Thanks you two, you are a blessing to our family...again!

Waiting for someone to actually put in the needed stitches!

"V" for victorious!

Mitchell the PA who was fabulous to us!

Taco Bell, eaten in the van...2 treats at once!

Hospital Bling
We hope your weekend is less exciting!


Lisa said...

Poor little guy... Looks like he was a good sport with it all. Those stiches look nasty!! OUCH

May Family said...

We were glad to help! Have an uneventful rest of the weekend...ok??

Anonymous said...

Oh. sweet family, we are so sorry to learn of Gabriel's accident and all of the frustration and patience needed for treatment. We are indeed spoiled around here with Urgent Care just minutes away. Thank God for Mitchell and his expertise in stitching. The "V" is a wonderful sign, I believe. We thank God that Gabriel wasn't injured more seriously and, or in a more dangerous location on the body. Please take good care, we love you all so very much. We are also counting the days until we see you.

Love, G & P. P.

The Novotny News said...

I have nothing exciting really! I tell ya...those ER visits are a pain! Good thing everything turned out alright! What a brave little man! No swimming in the ocean for awhile right?:) Hey, if those Hawks win...hopefully off to FL. and Nick and I will be there! We should try and see you IF that happens. I will be excited to wake up tomorrow morning and see who won! Love you and talk soon!

Jason, Dollie and Baby Blackley said...

Wow! Talk about a dramatic night! I am glad he didn't hurt himself worse, like hit his head or break a bone...I thought it was so sweet how you said he kept apologizing for getting hurt! Thank God for modern medicine...and Taco Bell!

Stephanie said...

Holy Cow, major yucko, I can't believe he could put a smile on his face! And I must say your are definitely a faithful blogger to think of documenting the ER visit while there, pictures and all! Hopefully he'll be good as new soon!

Cindy and company said...

Ohhh, ouch! Sorry to hear about the accident but it looks like it came along with some good things. Way to be brave, Gabriel. Thomas will be jealous of you scar!

2Corinth1:4mom said...

I'm sorry you guys had to go through this... Next time call us - we know the urgent care places that are open late!!

cookiehawk77 said...

Never a dull moment, is there? I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt. Oh, the curse of being low on the triage list! Were you tempted to just ask for a suture kit and do it yourself? If Gabe would like Will to access his blog, e-mail me the address and I'll pass it to Will. He doesn't have his own address at this point and isn't online often.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like typical Gabe, worried about everyone else! I am so glad to hear he is alright! Can't wait to see the scar. love and kisses!

Lisa said...

I see you even wrangled the hospital staff into your blog addiction! WAY to go! YES...that means we are officially wacky bloggers. So from the picture I am still trying to figure out where the injury actually occured... So glad it wasn't anything serious and now you know where the ER is :-( Sounds like he was so brave!!