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Saturday, November 15, 2008

An Iowa cold

We are on the mend here. We all seemed to catch the same cold even though we were all in different places...well a few of us did anyway. Paul managed to defeat his early on and had no trouble. Gabe and Alayna were spared completely, Riley, Holden and I didn't fare so well. Riley woke up with his first episode of croup in over 3 years on Tuesday. By God's grace, I knew where the Decadron had been unpacked to, and was able to go right to it and give him a dose. Unfortunately though, he choked on the water he used to down the 3 tiny pills and the coughing made him really short of breath, causing me to freak out a little and race around getting dressed to take him to the ER. I didn't know which hospital to take him to (I do now), so we spent a little time looking up the hospital number to call and see if they had the medicines he needed and were equipped to handle a pediatric emergency. By the time we decided where to take him, he was settled back down and we were able to give the medicine 20 minutes to work...and work it did! We hung out together that day both of us feeling miserable sniffing and sneezing and coughing. I started a z-pack that day and was 100% better by Wednesday. Riley was not, but could breathe, so off to school he went. He and Holden are still sniffing and coughing. Its funny to listen to them play and laugh together because inevitably, the laughing leads to a coughing fit!

I am glad Gabe was not sick because Flag Football started this week. Cross Country is over in 2 more weeks, but we allowed him to play anyway. He has kept his grades up (on the honor roll) and has demonstrated amazing responsibility in doing his work without being prompted! He has practice 3 times/week and is loving it! He is a receiver/blocker, and kick off return and plays in the backfield when on defense...he is not sure what his position is called yet! He is learning a lot!

On Friday night, we went to a local church for the school's Fall Concert entitled "Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart". Alayna, Holden and Riley all performed. Gabe's class did not, unless they wanted a part such as dancing, puppets, or praise band. It was different than any previous concerts we have been a part of and was lots of fun. It was quite a show! The PreK kids did several songs and were so cute! Alayna is in the green hat and mittens and scarf about 5 from the left for this short song. Enjoy:

Here are the kindergartners and first graders waiting for their turn to was very loud in that room! Holden is in the 2nd row on the right and that is his teacher on the far right.

These are the older kids also waiting for their turn. They looked so nice in their black and white.
This is the K-5th graders. I wish I knew how many exactly there were, but trust me there were a lot! The school is quite a bit bigger than we are used to. We are adjusting. The performance was at a local church since they have no gym or stage area for such a performance at the school. They are starting a capital campaign to build 2 more buildings on their land. The first one will be to house 11th and12th grades since the school only currently goes through 10th grade. The second building would be a gym and cafeteria.
On a completely different note (no pun intended), we would still appreciate your prayer regarding our housing situation. We still have not heard from our home's owners about our refusal to accept an increase in our rent. They could very well ask us to leave at the end of December. We were supposed to find out yesterday, but no word. We are not anxious. We have met many people and made connections and have plenty of options in our price range. BUT, we dread moving, especially over the holidays. We know God can use this to bless us with a better living arrangement, maybe closer to school and Agape. Our desire is to rest in Him and His perfect plan for our family. We know He can make their hearts look upon us with favor if He desires.

We have seen many answered prayers lately with the addition of several staff members in the development department at Agape! One is starting on Monday and several more over the next couple weeks. This is AMAZING! Several of these staff members are leaving jobs that pay very well, seeking to follow God's will in their lives! It is exciting to see their enthusiasm for Agape! Keep little Rachael and her family in your prayers, she is still in the ICU. If you want updates on her condition, go to Please let us know how we can be praying for you too!


Deb said...

So sorry to hear of your illnesses! We've got it here too. I thought everyone would escape without it getting too bad, but now Ashlyn's is getting worse.
The school program looks great! No Christmas program for us this year, but at least I know that at Heritage there will be many in the future!
Love you!

Stephanie said...

You are so lucky you can doctor everyone yourself! Hope all are feeling better soon. The program looked cute and there sure are a lot of kids! If you do have to end up moving I hope it goes fast and smooth, there maybe something better in store for you and the inconvenience of the move at that time may prove a minor irritation. Take care.

The Novotny News said...

Travis--I will be praying for you and your family with your housing situation. What a tough time. But I guess it makes it easier knowing that everything WILL work out.
So sorry to hear about your sickness. Lincoln has it here and Nick is taking him to get checked out today. He sounds like a barking dog.
Anyway---thinking of you lots and talk with you soon.
Love you--Molly

sara said...

I am glad you are all feeling better! I am irritated that the home owners tried to raise your rent! some people! Good for you guys for sticking toy our guns! And don't I know that moving is painful :)

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry to hear that some of you have had bad colds, and then, Riley having a re-occurence of the croup. It does seem like a long time since he had a bout with that frightening experience. Thank God, Travis, that you know what to do and how to get him treated, and quickly. Sure hope that everyone is starting to feel better because there just isn't time to get sick, is there? I have been coming down with a cold also and had a couple restless nights which doesn't help in the healing process. I'm praying that it gets better very fast as we have some traveling coming up next week. The kids program sounds wonderful as the boys also told us about Fri. night during the phone call. We are so anxious to see everyone next week. Our prayers are still for Rachael and of course, for all of you. Thank God that many prayers have been answered for Agape. Now, the house deal is the next hurdle, but we know God can do great things.
Love, G & P. P.

Anonymous said...

Love toall the sickos down there. You are in my prayers. In two weeks... :)