Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holden's basketball team

We are really enjoying the pee-wee league team Holden is signed up for! He has a short practice then a short game. The kids are ages 5-7 and all on about the same skill (or should I say lack of skill) level. Ahem...anyway, it is so much fun watching these boys play. Dribbling is completely optional in their minds! They are like bees swarming around the ball with 9 playing defense and the one with the ball on offense. Holden really enjoys it and looks forward to it for 6 days until its Wednesday again! Here are all the boys...Holden is the one looking behind him, second red jersey from the center.They practice skills before they are unleashed to play a 20 minute game:
The other kids enjoy watching too (you can just make out Riley behind Alayna's hair)

And here is a video so you can appreciate the swarming:

We only have 3 more weeks of basketball...what will we do for entertainment then??


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun Holden, I know you will be good at the game. It's in the family you know, and you're going to have lots of friends and family cheering for you. Will we get to see you play?

Also, I guess I need Gabe's blog address from the first one he sent. Thank you.

Love and hugs to all,
G. and P. P.

Anonymous said...

wish he would still be playing when we got there. that would be fun to see.