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Monday, November 3, 2008

Not me! Monday


Well folks, that's right! It's Monday again! This is a celebratory Monday also because MckMama who started all this soul baring confession had her baby on Wednesday and it appears that he has been 100% healed from his heart problems! The baby that doctors said would surely die before he had the chance to be born several weeks ago has no signs of a heart rhythm problem and has been discharged home with his mama! Praise the Lord! Click over to her site to see her story, get the rules to join me in being brutally honest and living to tell about it, or just read a few hundred other ladies' weekly confessions of their most embarrassing moments! I have to admit this was a pretty low-key week for me since I was sick the majority of the week, so this is all I have...

I did not spend several days in my pajamas for the majority of the day because surely putting on real clothing would make me feel even worse.

I did not spend my sick days glued to the television updates about the election because I know God is in control of who our next leader is and I rest contently in His sovereignty.

I did not yell at the TV yesterday as I watched my team (I'm embarrassed to tell you who I root for) squander a great lead and the best game they have played all year to lose in OT. No, I was singing praise songs and worshipping the Almighty, the Father of Football!

I did not plan my Monday morning around doing my post to coincide with the timing of the last 2 weeks when MckMama put up Mr. Linky. My morning plans do not go like this: get up, eat breakfast, take kids to school, photocopy for Riley's teacher, back home to post Not Me! Monday and lurk on MckMama's blog until 9:30 (it helps that I am an hour ahead of her!), then go run (because that is 2 hours after I ate and I will get the most benefit from my food for my run), then shower and start some semblance of a productive day! Those would be pretty lame plans if they were!

I did not decide we couldn't possibly rent a certain house we looked at yesterday just because the owner left food in the refrigerator and the entire house smelled like something died! We discovered something had died...a chicken was packaged in the freezer that was not working. We did not help clean out the refrigerator with the intention of being a blessing only to discover that we made the smell MUCH worse!

I am not thinking bitter thoughts about our landlords after they chose to increase our rent by $300/month when our lease is up at the end of December. I am so excited to possibly be moving over the Christmas holiday! We do not want prayer for this situation at all!!!

I did not serve this to my family on a rice and beans night just because it was the only thing that sounded good to me:

...I also did not eat BOTH chili dogs myself!

We did not all celebrate the end of October (that signalled the end of rice and beans for 4 days/week) by going to Pizza Hut for pizza. We did not save enough money to continue our yearly tradition of going to a Japanese steak house on Christmas Eve by eating rice and beans. We will not compare the steak house we choose to our favorite place to eat in the world: Three Samurai!

Okay, your turn, what did you not do this week??

*** UPDATE: So, a friend who doesn't have a blog emailed me her Not Me! that I could not resist posting for her. Can anyone guess who the owner of this blunder is? (it truly was not me!!)

After I was at work about an hour I wondered why one foot was warmer than the other and I looked down . . .

and I'm not going home any time soon!!

I think this is cause to hold my very first contest!! IF anyone can guess whose feet those are, I will send you a prize! Leave your guess in my comments and GOOD LUCK! I will reveal the feet owner in my next post likely tomorrow, so I'll give you until 12 noon on Wednesday to figure it out! Here is a hint: this is a friend from Grace.


Cindy and company said...

Travis, So sorry to hear that you were sick. I bet those chili dogs helped! They sure looked good-YUM. Also, sorry to hear about your team. Ya know if you cheered for Miami you'd have reason to celebrate--at least for one week anyway!

2Corinth1:4mom said...

Go Colts!! I'll offer Mark's help if you have to move... What a bummer!

Lisa said...

Those chili dogs look so yummy!! Oh, if I ate two of those they would be making me sick for days. Hope you are feeling better!!

heidi said...

Ok, now *I'M* thinking bitter thoughts about your landlords! HOW RUDE!

And those chili dogs look heavenly. Yum!

Richard and Becky said...

Hey Travis! Love reading your posts! I feel so much closer to you despite being so far away. I have no idea whose feet those are, but guessing Jean Keeley's (spelling?) Sorry you may have to move! We'll be praying for God's wonderful timing!

Anonymous said...

I recognize the sandal, but for the life of me, can't think of whose feet those are... I don't know as I better slander someone's name with a guess. :) counting down!!

Lisa said...

I had to chuckle at the person who wore the mismatched shoes! I've shown up to work with a navy blue and a black croc now I have Jayhawks and Princess crowns in them :-) I can't believe your landlords are raising your rent already....good it because you painted?? That is just horrible. Now I have a craving for chili!!!