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Monday, November 10, 2008

Not me! Monday

YEAH! It’s that time again…you guessed it…Not me! Monday! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?? Jump over to MckMama’s website to check out pictures of her miracle baby and catch up on her story as well as get the rules (and consider joining the fun), and check out a couple hundred other ladies’ lists of denial (which I am told is NOT a river in Egypt). C’mon, its great fun and so freeing…and it gets those brain cells working, trying to follow the single, double and triple negatives! See if you can figure out what I have not been up to!

I am not procrastinating unpacking for myself, Paul and all of the kids to do this post...not me! I LOVE to unpack and put everything I have so much energy from all the rest I received this weekend!

I did NOT have the most wonderful weekend with my husband and most of our friends from home in Iowa when we returned there for the marriage conference we led.

We were NOT blown away at having 25 couples attend the conference and did NOT definitely feel the Holy Spirit working and moving so clearly in the people there. We were NOT completely blessed to be allowed to be a part of it, to be used by God, to share ourselves and our struggles openly to help others.

I did NOT realize after I gave my presentation that my skirt had been on sideways the entire morning. I did NOT stand up (behind a clear acrylic podium) in front of 25 couples in a sideways skirt trying to convey a serious message…I am sure no one was distracted!

I did NOT also have my socks blessed off by many of my friends who pitched in to get me some of my discontinued scent from Bath and Body Works. They did not find enough of my FAVORITE scented shower gel to last me for the next SIX YEARS!!!!!

I did NOT get to spend an evening with almost 30 of my friends sharing food and fun, games and drinking up their familiar faces, voices, and stories, hoping to have enough to get me through the next month until I get to go back! I did NOT completely enjoy this sweet time and appreciate each lady who took the time to come hang out with me on a cold Friday night. YOU GUYS ROCK…um…I mean you don’t rock!
No one accidentally dressed like triplets at the gathering, then sat right next to each other to accentuate the obvious!

Paul and I were NOT so excited to see friends and family at a dinner to update our supporters about our ministry with Agape Flights. I did NOT completely take advantage of this time to show off my kids on the big screens by playing movies I made of what we did this summer.

We did NOT love that the Williams family made us feel right at home in their place without a worry for a meal or a place to sleep. I did not abandon my husband one night to sleep at my moms! I did NOT happen into the hallway as someone (who is not my husband) came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. We did NOT finally figure out where everyone should sleep so that the dogs would not bark all night on our final night there! We did NOT find these barky dogs and puppies completely adorable and agree that if we ever own a dog again, it would be one of theirs! If you are NOT looking for a small, nonshedding, hypoallergenic, affectionate, good with kids, lap dog, you should NOT check out her website at Thanks Williams family! We do NOT love you guys!
The Williams' youngest daughter Bekah (in blue above) did NOT decide to forgo birthday presents and instead use her birthday to gather donations for our support at Agape Flights. She did NOT just turn 10 and bring us to tears with her generosity and love. She did NOT have all the kids at her birthday party make us encouraging cards and present them to us as well!

The Williams did NOT continue to bless us by hosting dinner Sunday for my sister and mom and Tim and Dawn Stultz and family who we weren't able to connect with until that day! We did NOT really enjoy that special time of fellowship!
I did NOT get 5 ½ inches cut off my hair when I got back home. Riley did not cry last time I drastically changed my hair. I am sure he will love it! Here is the new me with Brandy who has cut my hair for the past 8 years or so:
Okay, so besides the skirt and towel incidents, it was a pretty slow week for not me moments, I admit it. I just can't think of any more because of all the blessings showered on us upon our return home. My mind is still reeling at the generosity of our church body and families. There were many more gifts and kindnesses shown to us this weekend, I could go on and on. Please know that you make a difference in our lives, you make it possible for us to serve the Lord here with Agape Flights, and for that we can never say thank you enough. We covet your prayers, phone calls and notes of encouragement, especially your comments here on my blog! I love sharing our lives with you and hearing what is going on at home. It seems I am missing out less!

{Abandoning the "not me" style for a second.}I had to post this picture (even though its terribly out of focus) because this scene just brought so much warmth to my heart. We were usually one of the last people to leave church for some reason or another, and we would always see kids running around, playing together and enjoying being in God's house. It was so good to experience that again!



Kregers5 said...

I love your hair!!

Cindy said...

It was awesome to have you "home" even for a weekend. Praying here for you to be grafted in to an incredible church family at your new home.

Cindy and company said...

Glad you had such a GREAT time in Iowa. I am NOT jealous of those ladies who got to hang out with you. I am sooo disappointed that I didn't get to make the trip from WI. I am also NOT thrilled that I am the first post this morning! Love you guys!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you DID NOT have a good time at all (wink wink). Thanks for sharing your week with all of us : )

May Family said...

In the not me Monday tradition..Gabe and Alayna were NOT a pleasure to have in my home and I totally did NOT have so much fun with Alayna's hair. Alayna did NOT fall asleep snuggling with me while I was reading her a book and my heart did NOT completely melt...I am so NOT glad that you are home...we did NOT pray for you both everyday while you were gone either...I am NOT sorry this comment is so long!

Emily said...

It was so much fun to see you last weekend! It is always such a blessing to hang out with you and hear what God is doing in your family!

Anonymous said...

It was such a wonderful blessing to see both of you on Sat. evening and to hear about your work in Fla. Our hearts can't help but swell in knowing that you have answered God's call to the mission field. Your were a beautiful sight to see as were the photos and clips of Agape and the kids. We love you so very much and are blessed to have been invited to your special evening.
Blessings, prayers, love and hugs,
MOM and DAD P.

Anonymous said...

It was such a wonderful blessing to see both of you on Sat. evening and to hear about your work in Fla. Our hearts can't help but swell in knowing that you have answered God's call to the mission field. Your were a beautiful sight to see as were the photos and clips of Agape and the kids. We love you so very much and are blessed to have been invited to your special evening.
Blessings, prayers, love and hugs,
MOM and DAD P.

The Novotny News said...

Oh Travis...I LOVE your hair. You are too cute! Looks like you had a wonderful time with everyone. I would of LOVED to have seen you. When will you and Alayna be back in Dec? We get home the 12th of Dec. and then we will be in the midwest until the 17th of Jan. Not sure when you will be there but let me know! Thanks for sharing great pictures and I am so glad to hear that everything went well. Love you---Molly

CihaPet said...

For some reason I have the feeling that ate my previous post...
It was GREAT seeing you two this weekend! Marcie and the girls are REALLY looking forward to your trip back in December!

Richard and Becky said...

I was NOT sad when I read your post about being back in Iowa and (like Cindy) was also NOT jealous that I missed out on this! Love the hair cut by the way!!!

Lisa said...

LOVE LOVE the hair super cute! I am so glad you had such a wonderful time at home. It's truely evident by your huge smile. By the way...where is the pic of the twisted skirt? lol

-stephanie- said...

I'm giggling over the sideways skirt incident.

Richard and Becky said...

Hey Travis! My email address is I can't find yours for some reason! THe boys would love the costumes if you are ready to part with them! Thanks!

Cami said...

I'm so bummed that I didn't get to see you while you were here! I was hoping to go to the get together on Friday night but couldn't get a hold of Kim all day to see about riding out to Jeanie's house with you all. My night vision is terrible. I could have really use a girls night out!! I'm looking forward to next time. :o) By the your haircut! Soooo cute!

sara said...

I love your sassy new do!! I , too, am NOT jealous at all of all the love showered on you!! I do NOT miss you at all :) I also did NOT get misty looking at the picture of Grace's foyer. Not me!