Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tons of Fun!

It has been a week jam packed with fun and memories and a little sadness but lots of joy! My sister has been here running us all over town (shopping for school supplies, school uniforms, groceries...nothing photo worthy)till we fall into our beds with exhausted smiles!! She wanted to see Siesta Key beach (about 17 miles from here) which is the #3 beach in the USA. It is known for its white powder sand beaches and shopping district. We waited for Paul to get off work then we headed up with our picnic packed. The poor guy cooked while the rest of us explored the beach. We had heard that the sand was great for building sand castles but a nearby sea turtle inspired us to build a shark instead! We had so much fun trying to make our sand pile look like a shark, he kept wanting to look like a whale (not so shocking after considering our handicapped artistic abilities in our family!) until we trimmed him up a bit. We had a couple pool toy sharks we were using as our inspiration that later became his green eyes! We ended up being pretty proud of our creation! Riley gave him his friendly smile:

Gabe and Alayna worked on the fins.

We will miss her dearly as we try to settle back into our routine (ho-hum). It is hard to believe the kids will start school just two weeks from tomorrow!


Lisa said...

Looks like so much fun on the beach. Yes, gotta love back to school shopping...I enjoy the smell of new crayons to this day! Great shark by the way :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how my heart hurts in the leaving. So good to know you enjoyed having me with you. I miss you all more than you know. So much love.

sara said...

Perfect Shark!! Glad that you got some much needed family time in. I know, I miss my family like crazy cakes & covet their visits!