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Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Riley!

Today is Riley's 9th birthday! He was born at 8:36 am on a Wednesday morning, our second son and biggest baby. He changed our lives and the way we parent (strong willed!), and we have seen him grow into a sweet, charming, competitive, fun boy. God blessed us richly when he gave us Riley! Here are some things we love about him:

R: Responsible (stays on task and finishes what he starts)

I: Intelligent (catches on quickly)

L: Loving

E: Eager to help

Y: Yells and screams (loves to have fun, be tickled, wrestle with dad, and can scream like a little girl!)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to my favorite Riley! I hope the card made it there; a package (not just a birthday package lest he forget that he already got his birthday present!) should arrive today or tomorrow. I will call later this evening! I love you all. JoJo

sara said...

So far, I am loving 9. I am loving watching my sons grow into fine young men!

happy Birthday, Riley!

strong said...


I remember the day you were born very well. I was at the hospital bright and early with your Mom and Dad to videotape your entrance into the world.

Can't believe you are 9!!

Hope you have a great day buddy!


Aunt Rae

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you are bringing your parents a lot of joy!

CihaPet said...

"and can scream like a little girl"
I'm sure he LOVED you including that... :-)