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Sunday, August 3, 2008

All Alayna, all the time

I have been inspired by several of my blogging friends to place some funny things here for you to enjoy and for me to remember later.

Here is Alayna's favorite skirt. She loves this thing. It is a size 2T but it doesn't stop her from putting it on every day it is not in the laundry room. She has worn almost every shirt in her closet with it, matching or not. I have heard there are buttons out there that say "I dressed myself today!", and I desperately need one! Now, don't get me wrong, I would not most days let her out in public like this, but I will take her picture!! These are her favorite socks as well. She refers to them as her "Moinkey socks". They have monkey faces on the toes.

This is her at her birthday party (May 29th, 2008) in her princess dress up clothes. She adores playing dress up!

She also is totally crazy about puppies. Stuffed or alive, she loves them. Here she is at Heritage with one of the DeSpain's puggles:
She LOVES hot dogs. I am quite certain she has already eaten her weight in them this summer. Here she is after doing her own problem solving over her HOT hot dog! She is constantly cracking us up with little sayings and mispronounciations. Here are a few that I can remember:

She recently started noticing my hair in the morning is messy and told me: "Your hair is a disaster!"

She asks questions non-stop and has started being insistent on an answer immediately and it has turned into interregations like this (these are actual questions she has asked this week):

How do boogers come out of your nose, HOW?

Why are we going in there, WHY? WHY?

Where is daddy? WHERE?

Who is coming over for dinner, WHO?

It is hard to answer when you are laughing at the questions!

Some cute mispronounciations:



swim suit=sin soup

Will you play with me?= Will you play niss me?

peeuw (something stinks)=peeuwsah (usually articulated loudly in a public place especially restrooms!)

adult= a dolt e.g. "Is this plate for a dolt or a kid?"

A cute misunderstanding: she doesn't understand that not everyone has the middle name Mary, so when she is stern with her brother, she will use his full name and be so serious, "Holden Mary Prachar, I asked you to help me!!" She doesn't understand that he will be longer in helping because he is laughing at her!


Lisa said...

LOL at the cute sayings and the skirt and those socks. Gotta love little girls!

Anonymous said...

my how I love that baby girl. she is so precious to me!!!

sara said...

How stinkin cute is she??

And I thought her outfit was CUTE. I SO would let my kids wear that out - but that's just me - free expression and all....

sara said...

..Ok, I wouldn't let cole and Carter wear it out - but if I had a little girl, I would!!

Alayna is beautiful in the hot dog picture! her hair was prefect, her smile adorable!

Anonymous said...

you forgot about the a-dolt... :) my personal fave. Love you!

CihaPet said...

I've been frantically trying to catch up on your blog and I couldn't go past this one without commenting on Alayna's articulation of the English language.
I wish we were blogging when the girls were her age (and younger) so I would be more likely to document the Cristina-isms and Victoria-isms.
It has been a LOT of fun reading up on your new life down in Florida!
God bless!