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Monday, August 25, 2008

Today's mail and some loose ends

We'll talk about today's mail first since that is the most exciting part of our day! THIS was on the door step this afternoon. I was instructed to wait and let the kids open it, so it stayed in the living room until I brought them home from school...
We didn't open it slowly, but we did notice the messages for us!
Here is the whole message. Some people are so thoughtful!!
Our neighbors from our old house sent us snacks for the kids lunches (and a little candy too). They were just a little excited!
After that picture, the kids wanted to take a silly picture (as if the last one wasn't silly enough?!? I told you they are crazy about doing these goofy things)...

And these are the pictures I promised to clarify about the pine needles poking through the screened cage over the pool. Our neighbors spent HOURS trying to get these out of their screens with a power washer! If you look closely you can see the upside down " V" that is white just to the left and higher than the tree.

And this is our neighbor's house with the hurricane shutter over their window. It is corrugated metal and I am sure it doesn't let in ANY light. People around here are still in various stages of taking them back down. Many people left a few up...I am curious as to whether they will be up all hurricane season!

I pray you are having a blessed Monday. Special thanks to our dearly missed neighbors, Lynn and Lance Anderson and their girls Grace and Hope for making us feel loved all the way from Iowa. The kids will think of you each time they eat a snack for the next several will I when we make lunches for school!


The Novotny News said...

It's so much fun to get packages. We can see the DHL guy pull up to our place and every time he does...we wait to hear the doorbell! It's great!
So another blog question--how do you get all your pictures the same stinkin size? I think they need to be a little bigger!!! Also...your collage right up top? What do you download to put different pics up? I am so happy to have you! Thanks for the help! What would I do without your expert advice? Love ya---Molly

The Novotny News said...

It's so great to get mail. We can see the DHL guy pull past our house everyday and we always wonder if the doorbell is going to ring??!! I am so glad we have each other's blog! I look forward to checking yours each day!
I was wondering if I could get your help again? How do you make all the pictures the same size? I have tried and tried to figure it out and I'm ready to scream! Also...your collage on the very top? I was wondering how to do that!? Thanks for all your help. What would I do without an expert like you? Love ya--Molly

Lisa said...

Who doesn't like packages!! I think that it is the child in each of us that comes out!! I thought of you today as we met for MOPS. You will truly be missed, it was always fun to hear what you would share with us as you opened our meetings. Miss ya and love ya

Lisa said...

Matthew asks everytime I get the mail if there is anything for him. I tell him...You have to write a letter to get a letter :-) What great snacks!!

Wow...I'm thinking thats a lot of work to get rid of those pine needles...are they doing any harm or is it just cosmetic?? What are those holes?? in the yard?

I too was wondering how you did that photo collage :-)

sara said...

Mail is the best! I should SEND it more!! I hope you can help Molly..I have NO Idea what is going on!!