Photos courtesy of Ryan Prouty

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our hero, our mailman!

Do you know what time your mail comes to the minute?? We do. It comes without fail at 12:30 pm. We know because we have received so many cards and letters and encouragements from the mailman (really our friends and family back in Iowa) in our short few weeks here. I wanted to be sure you knew the lift it gives our spirits here. We feel loved and cared for, not forgotten! Here are a few pictures of the wonderful things the mailman brings us. I didn't get a picture of the WONDERFUL chocolate chip cookies we were sent by the Tu family...they didn't stick around long enough to be photographed. We got the mail later that day (before we figured out to the minute what time the mail arrived!), after the cookies spent some time in the metal mailbox baking in the Florida afternoon sun. The cookies were warm and gooey and tasted fresh from the oven!!! We can't thank you enough for your warm letters and cards. We keep every one of them where we can see them. The mailman also brought us our first housewarming gift:
Thank you so much Kochan family for this inspiring plaque with our family's motto verse and all of our names. As you can see below, it hangs in our eating area and matches the new paint perfectly!!These are all the cards we have received sitting on our desk where we can easily see them and reread them whenever we need a pick-me-up.

This is our refrigerator where we place the artwork our kids have received in the mail. Alayna was so excited to get a letter from her friend Jaclyn today and that is what pushed me to be sure you all know how much you taking the time to put things in the mail means to us!! THANK YOU!


John and Sarah said...

Great post. Thats a cool thing when we get those notes from our friends back home.

Ryan took some awesome pictures of your family. Agape has been blessed to have him.

Lisa said...

LOL @ the mailman! love it! I spy the next Prachar Family Christmas Card Picture???

Our Family said...

Hey Paul & Travis! We miss you guys and just want you to know we're keeping up with you all the time on the blog. Great job Travis! We hope to see you in Nov. Keep up the awesome work you're doing for Him!

Love, Dave, Sandi, Hannah & Colin

sara said...

I know what it feels like to get those precious packages!! They are still coming almost 18 months later - friends are the best :)

Love the new family pictures!! We can't wait to take some - maybe by Christmastime, we'll have our 3rd installment!

Deb said...

Yeah!!! We made it on the fridge! We love you guys and miss you! And...I love the new picture collage!