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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Good Monday to you all! No, its not time for those weekly soul baring confessions. No, its not me doing Not Me Monday on Sunday AGAIN either! I also am not still praying for Stellan as he settles into a "new normal" with his arrhythmia. I do not love that all his mama's medical jargon that she does not regurgitate so accurately (she is not a dream patient/patient's mom!!) allows me to utilize parts of my brain that I haven't used in nearly a year! I do miss my job so much, the driving to work, walking over 1/2 mile from my parking place often in the rain/snow/ice, etc. I won't bore you! Anyway, I am not so glad for this time of transparency and apparently, hundreds of others are not too. Head over to MckMama's blog to see what they are denying this week too! I do not always say this is going to be a quick post and have it end up being SUPER long with tons of pictures! I am not saying that again tonight! We will not see where this goes. I do not have a hard time stopping once I get started! Speaking of getting started...

I am certainly glad this didn't happen to me this week. I am so glad I didn't find a (still to this day completely unexplained) puddle of URINE in the laundry basket on the floor of the laundry room. I am so glad I didn't have to clean up that mess. It did not occur on a day when all boys (the most likely perpetrators of this crime) were at school. It did not happen in the only laundry basket we own that is not the one I purchased when I went away to college a couple years ago. No, if this would have happened, I certainly would have gotten to the bottom of it or coerced a confession out of someone. (Photos intentionally omitted)

I did not overspend on my trip to Walmart this week. I did not go over by $2.11 in the check out lane and mildly panic for a second and then decide to put the balance on my debit card. My debit card was not refused TWICE for this ginormous amount and the man behind me in line certainly did not pay the difference. I was not so mortified that I walked off without one of my bags, and the clerk certainly didn't have to shout at me as I was fleeing! The extremely kind gentleman did not grab it and then bring it to me on top of everything else kind he had already done for me!

I did not FREAK out over my checking balance after being unable to pay for the $2.11 and go home and immediately get on-line to check my balance. I did not find there was AMPLE reserves to fund this spending spree!!

I did not spend the past several months trying to make a single dentist appointment for the boys. They do not require a fax from their insurance provider to set up the appointment, and the insurance provider was completely competent and willing to send the fax. So, I am glad that I didn't have to make FIVE phone calls apiece to the office and the insurance company. I did not lose my nerve and wait 2 more days to make the appointment just because I couldn't face Joy at the dentist's office again! I did not want to threaten to break anyone's knee caps while I was not frustrated.

I did not change birthday party plans for Alayna's 5th AFTER filling out the invites. NO, I am a decisive mom who makes up her mind and sticks to it. I do not waffle and I certainly know the plans now, nothing is up in the air.

The boys did not have their last regular season baseball games Saturday! We are not excited about that! The older boys' team certainly did not finish the season in last place and completely winless. No, that would never happen to them! Their mom was not more bothered by it than they were! They do not have the "City Cup" starting tomorrow. We are so looking forward to the tournament to determine the champs! We just know we have a real shot at the championship!

And, as usual saving the best for last: I certainly did not feed pizza to my family for dinner 4/5 nights during the week. I certainly planned a nutritious variety of foods for them and I prepared them with love and care...every night! Since this didn't happen, I can't tell you that I didn't pay for any of the pizza. Monday we did not use the kid's gift certificates for being on the honor roll for 3 free pizzas. Tuesday, we were not invited to eat at a friend's house before our baseball game. It was not pizza at their house. Wednesday, we did not get together with a family planning to join Agape and have pizza that they brought for us. Friday, we did not eat all the leftover pizza because I was too busy to cook/plan/prepare. Oh, and my kids also did not take pizza in their lunches all week because we were not out of bread. No, we had plenty of other options for them for lunch. They just REALLY wanted pizza because they hadn't had it in such a long time!

Okay, I think this was a short one for me! Now, its your turn, what are you hiding from your week??? Go ahead and spill it, its freeing!


2Corinth1:4mom said...

Seriously? Someone peed in the laundry room? Was my Zach at your house this week? But maybe having some guy pay $2.11 at WalMart might be even better...

You crack me up!

Rikki said...

What a great week to hear about! :) I love it. That urine thing could happen here--we have one that gets up in the night and pees wherever the toilet appears in dreamland. Fun! Thanks for sharing!!

Richard and Becky said...

You had me laughing the whole time! Thanks for brightening up my Monday! I certainly know nothing about feeding my kids the same thing all week (especially pizza). Nope, I NEVER do that! :0)

Cindy and company said...

Hey-I vividly remember being taught (maybe by my overworked mom) that pizza is a healthy meal choice. Dairy from the cheese, protein in the meat or veggie servings from the other toppings, carbs in the crust and don't forget about all those wonderful antioxidents from the tomato sauce! Don't feel guilty; at least it wasn't hot dogs! And I bet they loved every bite! Kids are so easy to please as long as you serve chicken nuggets, spaghetti, maccaroni and cheese, hot dogs, or PIZZA!!

Anonymous said...

I am wondering which one of your darlings christened the laundry basket...I have my suspicions. :) Sleepwalking?? It was certainly not Alayna. In my absence, I am not glad that you acted like a good Aunt and fed them pizza 4/5 meals. Talk to you soon!! (cell phones are not great!)

Tess Jones said...

Oh my goodness, you did not have the best post ever. This was totally funny, it makes my life seems boring.

The Blackley Tribe said...

Yikes...breaking knee caps! Note to self: don't get on Travis' bad side!
I have a feeling that I will some day post no a not me monday about Micah peeing in a laundry basket! Boys, Boys!