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Friday, May 15, 2009

Another review for my business and a quick update

Serious.Life Magazine
I wanted you all to know that my business (Spring Clean Year 'Round) was reviewed in this magazine today! I am praying it will bring more traffic to the site and of course orders. Things are still going well, but slowing without any marketing lately. I am still encouraged by the fact that sales trickle in by word of mouth! I am closing in on 120 sales! Check out the magazine for great Christian articles and encouragement. It is really well done and I enjoy it every time!

Another update: we will be moving at the end of June. The owners of our current place have found new tenants. We have also found another place for the same price that was generously offered to us by a couple at our church. The house is for sale and will remain on the (very slow moving buyer's) market. We feel like we will have ample time to find something else if need be. The exciting thing is that we will be very close to Agape and THE BEACH!! Check back with me regarding how I feel about that during hurricane season...

This brings me to petition you for prayers on our behalf:
1) Please pray for peace about this move, that we would not be bitter about all the work that goes into it, but we would see it as a blessing from above and God's perfect provision of our every need! I admit I am excited to get everything in our house reorganized and put back where it least for a little while! The house across the street did not work out, even though I trust He was able to bring that about, it wasn't His plan for us. Pray for our kids as they will be expected to help, pray that they will have servant's hearts and delight in working as unto the Lord!

2) Pray for us as we struggle with the passing of Julie Flesner and being so far away from our dear church family because we want to be a part of loving on John and his family at this time. We praise Him that she is with Him and celebrate her salvation!

Thank you all dear friends! We miss you all greatly and are trying to nail down details of an Iowa trip in June...woohoo!! We will keep you posted! Please know that we pray for you and we love you!


Anonymous said...

PTL on the news of having another home provided for you. A bummer in having to pack up AGAIN, however, you know that God is in charge, for which I thank Him for. Being closer to Agape will be a good thing, I hope, and the hurricane season will do whatever it does and where. Prayers are ongoing for everything. Love, prayers and sympathy on the loss of Julie, but like you say, she is home with HIM, which we all live and serve for. Your prayer requests are taken to heart and will be honored. Keep us posted of the schedule for your Iowa visit, especially now, with preparations to move the same month. We love and miss you and look forward to wrapping our arms around all of you.
Love and hugs to all,
G & G. P.

Ben said...

we will certainly be praying for you! Living near the beach is worth the sacrifice!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Travis,

Just checked your review on Serious Lifemagazine at it's great. We're so proud and happy for you, I loved the leadin remarks that Brent made about your project. Keep on keeping with the hard work and I'm praying that this exposure will bring you lots more orders.

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see you. counting down the days!