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Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Oh, heck, I am not doing this post on a Monday afternoon (closer to evening), instead of doing it on Sunday night and stalking MckMama's blog in order to add my post. I am a loyal Not Me'er. I always post, stalk and continue stalking until Mr. Linky is up and I am close to the top of the order. Because I have nothing better to do, that's why! No, I didn't spend the day cleaning a friends' house with her to help her out after her dad died suddenly and she has been in a bit of a funk. I did not thoroughly enjoy the day (way more than anyone should probably ever enjoy cleaning) and sharing just a piece of Jesus' love with my Jewish friend! I did not do this in spite of not having my Not Me! post ready. I am WAAAY more loyal than that...I am sure of it! Oh, and if I weren't, I certainly wouldn't feel guilty about it and have to explain it away here! I certainly wouldn't let being #400 something (or #500 something by the time I get it done!) on Mr. Linky make me sad.

I did not completely enjoy my daughter singing in front of church on Mother's Day:

I did not nearly miss it completely because people were still signing their kids in to KidzWorld (our Sunday school for grades 1-5 that I am coordinating at our church). I did not have ANY bitter thoughts about people arriving at church TWENTY minutes late and nearly causing me to miss the performance. My thoughts did not completely resolve when I realized they were first time visitors :o) We did not have 2 new families with kids in KidzWorld on Sunday! I was not helping teach in KidzWorld this month and did not commandeer the class to teach them to do a Mother's Day gift/craft for their moms consisting of a box made of wall paper with Spanish Moss and Dove chocolates in it! I was not so glad I was the one choosing the craft and chocolates since TWO of them were going home with me!
The pictured chocolates did not just suddenly disappear without explanation! My children accepted that fact easily and were not perturbed that they didn't get any chocolate. I shared my chocolate...that's my story and I am sticking to it!! I was not so proud of my own kids who followed directions diligently and whose boxes turned out very well. I did not wish I could say the same for some of the other boxes that went out the door! One mom did not say, "Oh well, its the chocolate that matters!"

I did not have to settle for leaving my own mother a message on the machine this Mother's Day. Oh, and her gift will not be late either, nor will my step mom's. No, I made sure to cover all possibilities and make very sure that I had enough time to get them and mail them in time for Mother's Day. I am an EXCELLENT daughter!! I did not tell my mom that she would think it was worth the wait, either, since it arrived there on time and all.

We did not have an unexpected visit from our friends Troy and Lora Miller AGAIN! We were not totally excited that they cancelled their trip to Cancun due to the swine flu (which I am now a fan of!) and came to stay with us instead! I was not too busy to take a single picture of them while they were here. No, I have gobs to share with you! You need your X42Ac3 glasses to see them...yeah, that's it! They are posted here:

I did not chaperon the 6th grade field trip to the zoo last week. I did not find keeping track of 6 6th graders in an entire zoo MUCH easier than keeping track of 3 preschoolers in ONE room!! I did not really enjoy the day with these kids and get much insight into each one of them! They liked hanging out with the bats:
This is not Gabe at the same bat attraction. I did not post this picture just so you could see that its actually a pretty cool display, but the kids did not hide most of it in the picture above this one. I did not forget to rotate it so it would look like they were hanging upside down with the bat before I loaded it into this post. I did not have to do it repeatedly until I got it right. As I have said many times before, I am much more tech savvy than that!The kids were not impressed with this giraffe's long tongue! They did not probably enjoy this attraction the most, but were not way too cool to admit it! None of the kids refused to use their spending money on attractions at the zoo (almost anything fun to a 6th grader cost $$, e.g., water ride, camel ride, feed the giraffes, sky get the picture) and instead, did not horde their dollars to spend at a gas station on soda and candy. They never extolled the virtues of the gas station prices and their own genius at saving their money for such a value!! I did not crack up!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry; the daughter who is in town didn't spend any of Saturday with our mother. She does not feel neglected. :) I am not taking her for a massage to make up for it. (we could both really use one after all those stinking boxes!) I am not going to kill Gabe if he doesn't post one more time to his blog before the end of the school year!

2Corinth1:4mom said...

I love the pictures from your friend's visit. I'm so glad that I have the right glasses. The one of you guys at the beach is the best... I especially like how you guys buried the kids in the sand. Clever...

Lynn Anderson said...

Alanya looks all grown up. What a cute song and beautiful girl?! The chocolates would have been shared in our house, for sure. :) All moms share their candy with the kids, right? Have a great week.