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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Yes folks, it has been a while since my last confessions, and no, for the record, I am not doing Not Me! Monday on Sunday! What would be the point of calling it Not Me! Monday??? I was not following MckMama's story with rabid intensity and praying for Stellan for the past 6 weeks. Why would I do that?? I don't even know these people in real life!! I have not really missed this confession time, and I know some of you have not either! So, on with the show, here are a few of the things that I definitely did not do over the past few weeks, they did NOT happen, in spite of any photographic evidence you think you see here!Holden certainly did not lose another tooth. He wouldn't have done this because that would mean he has lost more teeth than big brother Riley, and that would just be mean and insensitive. Riley would not be offended since this didn't happen.
We did not have to spend several minutes cleaning the blood off this tooth so that it could be properly photographed without making any viewers woozy.
I did not send my daughter to school with all her clothes on backwards and her ponytail in the front (we had to loop it back up so she could see anything) for backwards day. She did NOT get a huge kick out of this either!
I did not finally get around to taking some pictures of the boys playing baseball. Riley did not pitch in last Saturday's game for the 2nd time this year. He did not do extremely well for so little practice, and the game certainly did not end with an opposing player hitting a grand slam home run off of his pitch! Gabe is not the catcher here. He has not been playing catcher recently and doing very well at it!!

Riley did not look pretty good pitching and even have a bit of speed!
Holden did not hit the ball into the outfield in his game and completely ignore his coach trying to get him to stop at second. He certainly didn't let the fact that the runner in front of him stopped at 3rd base stop him from rounding 3rd and heading home. He certainly did not ignore all coaching efforts and actually tag home. He did not completely drop his head and shoulders when he was told to go back to 2nd base. He did not walk over the pitcher's mound to get there. I did not about split my sides laughing at this spectacle!! I am probably not the one to blame for his actions since I promised the boys that if they hit a home run I would take them to Nokomis Groves for ice cream!
He did not also have an excellent game at 1st base.

I did not go with Holden's class on a field trip to the Shamrock Park Rookery. I certainly knew what a rookery was before we went! I did not find out that a rookery was a bird sanctuary...I think. No, I am very certain what a rookery is, after all, I spent almost an entire day there! The kids did not probably enjoy the time at the playground at the park the most.
The kids did not get a chance to sit in the shade to cool off and draw some pictures of some of the birds they saw. Holden did not draw a Northern Cardinal in spite of the fact that we certainly didn't see any of them that day! None of the kids complained about the heat or the fact that they were hot and thirsty at all! Thank goodness, because I just LOVE whining!

I did not promptly forget the names of all the birds we learned about while we were there!
I was not proud of this picture I managed of a red headed wood pecker who popped out just in time for a photo shoot!
I did not take my kids to a high school baseball game on a school night that started at 7pm just because they got in free and also got a free hot dog and soda and that meant that I wouldn't have to cook dinner. I also did not use someone else's athletic pass so I didn't have to pay to get in. I would never do something like that. I did not eat a "belly buster" hot dog for supper. I was not still hungry after the "belly buster". That did not make me feel like a HOG!!
The boys didn't get to go down on the field and warm up with the high school team. They did not sprint back and forth and then work on sliding back across the line. I did not freak out about my 2 older boys who were wearing jeans and not baseball pants, thinking they might be sliding on the grass in them. Nope, not for one second. I did not worry for no reason!
Riley did not AGAIN think he was too cool to pose for pictures! This was all I could get out of him!
Alayna did not rescue this snake from our pool. She did not pick it up all by herself and set it on the side to go free. I tried to discourage her from doing it, since I was so willing to do it myself, after all, I am not afraid of snakes at all, I love them quite a lot!
Since he was not really only the size of a large worm, I wasn't scared to get close to him. I did NOT use the zoom on my camera for this picture, it just wasn't necessary, you know, since I was so close and all.
And finally, saving the most dreaded confessions for last, as usual, I did not take this picture of my beloved friend Kate and her husband Dan and son Jack at their goodbye party at Agape. I am not so sad that they are leaving Agape and setting out on a new adventure. I will not miss our "shop talk" about nursing (you know its not another language that only medical people speak!!), trips to the bargain barn, or SA boutique if their adventure takes them away from here. I will not share more on Dan and Kate when they know where they are going.

Okay, it is not time to wrap this thing up and get to bed. I am not going on another class field trip (this time, not with Gabriel) tomorrow and don't have to be up at the crack of dawn to go to the zoo. I don't have a package to get mailed out tomorrow while I am not here and did not spend WAY TOO LONG figuring out how to purchase postage on line and schedule a pick up. I did not JUST figure out that purchasing my postage on line saves me $$ and is very convenient and comes with FREE shipping confirmation as well as saving me a trip to the post office and gas. No, I am way more savvy than that, after all, I have not now mailed out over 100 packages with my cleaning system in them! Okay, this is not addicting and difficult to stop! What did you not do lately???


2Corinth1:4mom said...

Wow!! Very thorough confessions - you must feel like a huge weight has been lifted. But I'm most impressed with the last paragraph - over 100 Spring Cleaning boxes. Impressive!!!!!!!!!!!

Rikki said...

I missed these posts! I love your hot dog story--too funny!

Cindy and company said...

Take me out to the ball game!!! Wish we were there to cheer on the boys. It looks like great fun. Yea for Spring Clean! That's fabulous news. Thanks for the update errr confessions.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are allowing your only girl to handle snakes...and then posting pictures of it! Yuck!! Great to see the boys photos; they are looking so grown up. I bet Rilo is mad at Holdy for losing more teeth, but he will be better off in the long run! I'm counting down!! love you all.

Stephanie said...

Now I know why you arn't posting much these days! You're Too busy! Love the snake! She's so brave! Keep us posted on your house situation. Good to talk to you the other day!